The pressure continues through the second season of any hit show. Showrunners should use and build upon the creative foundation they have already established, often exploring the show’s characters in more depth and placing them in situations the audience will find interesting. It’s a heavy lifting, especially for such a beloved IP Star Trek. What a refreshing surprise to know we’re in good hands with showrunners Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers helming season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Like the third season of Star Trek: Picard Before him, this is some of the best a trip We saw him years ago. It’s inventive, often daring, sometimes genre-busting, and most of all — and this is important — fun.

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The second season of Strange new worlds which drops June 15th in Paramount+, finds the crew of the USS Enterprise, once again exploring uncharted territories – new life, new civilizations and all that. a star a trip Things we like. One of the most refreshing franchises this season is the addition of more personal journeys that reshape the fate of the crew. Humor slips into the mix as well, and you’ll thank Goldsman and Myers for the addition of newcomer Carol Kane, who plays Pelia, the new chief engineer. Not since Guinan Star Trek: The Next Generation He has such an offbeat, deep personality that has captured such attention. Bottom line: Phasers are set to have the “fun” thing they are all about. Read on.

All things Pike, Spock, Number One and Kirk

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Strange new worlds She had a lot of things going for the second season. Rotten Tomatoes has a certified score of 99%. All around, fans and critics announced the new prequel series, set seven years before any episode Star Trek: The Original Series. The episodic format was a refreshing return to form. This is the first season finale! Let’s talk about that for a moment…. What a cliffhanger it was. Senior Commander/Commander Una Chen Riley (Rebecca Romijn) is arrested for lying to Starfleet about being a genetically engineered Illyrian. Her fate is called into question in the first few episodes of the second season. The first season also appeared in one of the Star Trek The most popular character, Captain James T. Kirk, is played by Paul Wesley. Lieutenant Kirk features prominently in the second season.

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About that… fans will no doubt be gasping with delight when Episode III drops. Dubbed ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow’, the story is bold and innovative if not reminiscent of one of the most popular original series. episodes. (It’s better to experience this on your own than to give anything away here.) Lt. Lan Noonian Singh’s character (Christina Chung) features prominently in the outing, too. You may recall that early in Season 1, La’an Noonien-Singh revealed that she was saved long ago by Una-Chin Riley after Gorn killed her immediate family. Khan Noonian Singh (Ricardo Montalban) also happens to be her predecessor, so it’s great to watch this stellar episode in action.

Speaking of number one, find her plight to be the primary focus of the first few episodes where “Will Starfleet kick her out?” The question creates an additional sense of mystery. The characters of Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Spock (Ethan Peck) have been given plenty to work through this season as well. Mount and Peck seem to have generously embodied these characters with confidence, and by the time you get to episode five, they’re dubbed charades – Oh boy, is it full of wit and lore — you’ll feel as if you’ve known these characters forever. And yes, watch how things play out between Spock and Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush) this season.

Excitement, depth, humor and Carol Kane

Carol Kane in Star Trek Strange New Worlds
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One of the best things about Season 2 is that showrunners Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers know how to balance uniquely personal stories with plenty of action-packed episodes. Episode One progresses on that front as does Episode Four, among the lotus eaters, Pike, Lieutenant Erica Ortagas (Melissa Navy) and Dr. Mbenga (Babs Olsanmukun) find themselves on a life-and-death mission with seemingly no way out. joking.

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During the first six episodes presented to critics, it’s clear that the show’s writing has never been so blunt and pure. There is a real sense of world building, or perhaps pre-building happening here. I ended feeling this way by the time I was in the middle of season 3 of both Star Trek: The Next Generation And Star Trek: Discovery. You get a sense of how much thought and care the writers gave these characters and where they all fit in Star Trek canon.

There’s also the great addition of Carol Kane (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, miser) who enters the fold as Pelia, the new chief engineer, after the sudden death of Hemmer (Bruce Horak) last season. This may be smack off discovery Engineer Jet Reno (Tej Notaro). But what a fun experience this character is. Ken is on the mark. and quot; TNG’s Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), the character has a long history. She also has a smart mouth and isn’t afraid to speak up. As smart as she is, it will be fascinating to see how this character develops throughout the course of the series. Note to Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers: Let’s explore this captivating soul in more depth, thank you.

Meanwhile, the season 2 cast, including Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Jess Bush, have all teased that the final few episodes of this season will surprise fans. In fact, in an exclusive interview with MovieWeb, Mount and Romijn shared that Paramount+ gave writers a lot of freedom to be creative. Cheers. This season offers some of the best Star Trek We tested it. Let these be great backpacker Boldly continue exactly where they go. onwards…

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Premieres June 15th at Paramount+.


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