Among the many anticipated superhero movies to be released under the direction of James Gunn for the new and improved DCU, is Superman: Legacy It seems to be the title everyone is talking about these days.

Not only were conspiracy leaks already flooding the internet that the Last Sons of Krypton would arrive in a world already inundated with people with super-powers, but more importantly, there was news confirmed by the CEO himself that actor David Kornzweit and actress Rachel Brosnahan would be taking on the role. Clark Kent aka Superman and Lois Lane respectively.

While you can easily say that two pivotal characters have been confirmed, there is still a lot of speculation regarding the movie’s penultimate villain. For the casual fan of the superhero genre, the antagonists they are most likely to be referring to are either Lex Luthor or Doomsday. In that circumstance, these names would make a lot of sense, given the popularity of those symbols.

A bald-headed, sharp-clad insane tycoon has been the opposite of Superman since the beginning of time (debuting in 1940, quickly becoming his arch-nemesis) and as a genetic monster he was storming Krypton many years before any humans ever appeared. On this planet, Doomsday quickly became a household name when it killed off our main hero in Action Comics in the early ’90s.

Since then, the monstrous entity has made many vivid appearances, starting with… 2016’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice To display the current CW Superman and Lois.

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Although these are some powerful foes, James Gunn is known to have a knack for shining light on lesser-known comic book characters when it’s his turn to direct and produce.

Some great examples of this include his beloved taking over Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel In addition to the many names he put a face to capital suicide squad, which premieres on HBO Max in 2021. With that fact in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting and mysterious villains they could catch up with. Superman: Legacy To attract audiences to the theatres.

Try to stop the intergalactic madman

DC Comics

First, let’s start with an intergalactic mercenary and bounty hunter named Lobo. The red-eyed, black-and-white alien humanoid is definitely not a character people would expect in the first Superman movie entry.

Once introduced as a powerful 1980s villain with unparalleled strength and durability as well as an astounding intellect (unleashing a swarm of grasshopper-like insects on his home planet just for fun), the muscular and sloppy villain has been repeating himself ever since – crucified into more than abomination wacky, crossing paths with names like The Mask, The Road Runner, Judge Dredd, Teen Titans and most interestingly, Authority (Another DC movie is coming soon).

With rumors circulating a few months ago about actor Jason Mamoa hanging up Aquaman A role to get into the live-action role portraying this specific hero, this bizarre character being brought to life on the big screen isn’t exactly that far-fetched. If James Gunn decides to focus on the original iteration of the character ruthlessly and recklessly, this could be a great match for the upstart Superman.

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Kill Superman again and again

Gog with many dead Superman
DC Comics

Don’t let Gog’s simple name fool you. While there are multiple versions of this twisted, deity-like figure that have different backstories and motivations, the first two are the best fit for the Superman story.

She first appeared in a 1998 miniseries titled Evil of the New Year: Gog Being the sole survivor of a nuclear disaster in Topeka, Kansas, the traumatized man becomes the leader of the church convincing his followers that Superman is the savior of the modern age who saved him from farce.

This statement caused the red-headed hero to pay him a visit. Feeling betrayed by Superman once he realized that the last son of Krypton is not actually a perfect God, he was then imbued with the divine powers given to him by The Phantom Stranger. Then he kills Superman over and over every day out of rage. Only from the combined power of many different guises of past and present heroes did the madman finally stop.

In a reboot of this villain in 2005, Gog blamed Superman for the death of his parents. He travels using time machines and using different versions of himself to gain strength and grow stronger, and he plans to destroy the Man of Steel again.

He deliberately interferes in a climactic battle involving Doomsday and causes chaos in various timelines but eventually convinces Doomsday to travel back in time to reset the future. Both tracks seem favorable to Mr. Jean because the former includes religious themes, and the latter could include a major supervillain cameo to appease those who want to see familiar faces.

Exploiting Iron Man’s weakness

Metallo chokes Superman
DC Comics

Last but not least is Metallo, a powerful robot sometimes powered by Superman’s fatal weakness, kryptonite. While this name may be the most well-known on this shortlist for its numerous appearances in print, animation, and live-action television, there is an alternate timeline story that the current CEO of DC Studios might be interested in.

Released in 2009, Metallo is the first human Sergeant to work under Lois Lane’s father. Being part of a siege to take down Superman (paid for by Lexcorp), he then chooses to use his power suit.

He was hit by a wild bullet that ricocheted from the Kryptonian energy source, and brought back to life by Lex Luthor, who drives a hatred of Superman deep down. Mixing up the origins and making Lois Lane a focal point of the story would greatly enhance the appeal of all viewers.

Whatever villain James Gunn decides to be, Superman: Legacy It would be a comic that not only rebooted the DC Cinematic Universe to a high level, but also reinvigorated a classic superhero for modern audiences.


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