Action comedy 1998 Little soldiers He is He looks at her fondly by a certain generation of moviegoers, and while sequels haven’t quite materialized in the decades since, it’s never too late. As this new movie proves to fans. Designed as a “proof of concept” trailer by video game company Comadran Studios using Unreal Engine 5, the 5-minute trailer imagines the return of violent games like Little Soldiers: War for Nekron He finds two different factions waging war again. Check out the concept trailer below.

“Hi, YouTube community! We’re excited to announce the proof-of-concept trailer for our next big project at Comadran Studios,” a description alongside the footage. Get ready to dive into an extraordinary world Little soldiers, an epic gaming battle brought to life in Unreal Engine 5, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling to new heights! ”

While neither our hero Archer nor villain Major Chip Hazard appear in the footage, Little Soldiers: War for Nekron It promises to make a sequel to the first Little soldiers, and finally a look at the excitement left at the end of the original outing. The clip does show a hint towards the Elite Commandos, however, the central character and leader of the Space Elite reveals that she received an order from “CHIPHZRD” to neutralize the threat of the Necronite, alien toys that look so much like the Gorgonites from before they have to fight to survive.

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Little Soldiers is now a beloved family favourite

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He brought it back in 1998 and directed it Gremlins Director Joe Dante, Little soldiers It follows teenager Alan, who purchases a set of Commando Elite figures while helping to run his father’s struggling toy store. Unaware that they have been programmed with military technology, the Games, including Commander Chip Hazard, come to life and begin to take their directives seriously, starting with “killing” their enemies, the Gorgonites. But Archer and Gorgonites won’t fall without a fight as Alan is caught in the middle of war alongside his neighbor and crush, Christy.

Starring Gregory Smith as Alan Abernathy, Kirsten Dunst as Christy Fimple, Kevin Dunn, Anne Magnuson, Wendy Schall and the late, great Phil Hartman as the Parents, as well as Frank Langella as the voice of Archer and Tommy Lee Jones as the voice of Major Chip Hazard, Little Soldiers was met with mixed reviews. upon release, but have since become a firm family favourite.

Despite the critical reception, Little soldiers It was a box office success, grossing $87.5 million against its budget of $40 million. A sequel to Little Soldiers has been discussed over the years, with Dreamworks set to launch megamind Writers Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons penned the screenplay. Sadly, nothing ever happened, and aside from potential reboots, there has been no word on a follow-up Little soldiers since.

could Little Soldiers: War for Nekron Finally the sequel fans have been waiting for?


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