Spoiler alert: This article contains details about Warrior Nun.Warrior Nun Get a lot done in just two seasons on Netflix before heading to the afterlife. For starters, it has become one of the highest rated Netflix series of all time. Season two had a coveted 100% Rotten Tomatoes score of 99%. That final season was also action-packed. There was nothing quite like its spin on the popular comic on which it was based, and its fun following a group of warrior sisters — and a headed warrior nun — through chaos, death, and yes, even resurrection. That would be you, the super mommy, played to win Silvia de Fante (Medici empire). If rising from the dead and figuring out a way to move on from that doesn’t deserve an Emmy nod for Outstanding Supporting Dramatic Actress, then what does?

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About the potential Emmy nomination, which De Fanti and her creative team have launched into the official FYC campaign, the actress is staying frosty. “What’s exciting is that there are so many people who have contributed to this campaign,” said De Fanti. “I struggled with everything I had, ‘Oh, can I do this?'” The thing is, it’s a lot about ego. But what really convinced me was the idea that Mother Superion is such a beautiful role that she contributed and, as an actress, that she was able to embody and do.

“I believe that all the people who contributed to the creation of this role deserve recognition,” she added. “And yeah, of course it’s very exciting. And it’s not about the long shots, which, of course, will be nominated. But it’s always good to be out there. It’s good to be in the competition.”

Stay tuned for this front. The Emmy nominations will be announced Tuesday, July 12. Meanwhile, Silvia De Fante shared more about her role and the series’ appeal with MovieWeb.

A show that most of the cast would pray for


Warrior Nun It was based on the comic series Nun Warrior Ariala by Ben Dunn. It instantly generated buzz on Netflix after debuting in July 2020. When news came in December 2022 that it had been canceled after only two seasons, fans began praying for more. Warrior Nun. The show reportedly had more viewers in the first season. In all fairness, the streaming world wasn’t frozen in 2020. Data seemed to be a factor.

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The show follows a 19-year-old woman (Alba Baptista) who wakes up in a morgue with an artifact embedded in her back. She discovers that she is now part of an ancient order called The Order of the Cruciform Sword. Order’s mission: fight the demons on Earth. Mother Superion – the keeper of the sister crop – was distinguished by her steely determination and perseverance.

“When I first read the script, I had just had my baby, and I was like, ‘Well, there must be a connection there.'” “I read the material and immediately connected to it,” Di Fante said. “I just felt it. The weight of her cuteness really pulled me in.”

De Fanti went on to say that throughout the two-season run, she gave herself notes to whittle away and practiced breathing and structure to fully embody the role. “I created a backstory for the character. So, the trauma, the wound, [she has on her face] And what does it mean to carry a scar in this way… It was a very collaborative process. And I was so happy to find out my story for the second season.”

Resurrection of Silvia de Fante

Silvia De Fante on Netflix in Warrior Nun

The second season of Warrior Nun I fell apart with taste. Showrunner Simon Berry and the show’s writers gave viewers plenty to feed on as some characters were left behind, while fan favorites – the love story between Ava and Beatrice, for example – and others featured in a more prominent way, De Fanti’s Mother Superion among them.

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In fact, at some point in Season 2, Mother Superion is killed while trying to protect the Ark. Things get tricky trying to explain this, but the bottom line: Ark is a quantum portal created using Arq-Tech technology. It’s also made of the divine – a pretty cool thing if you’ve been keeping track of this. Basically, when powered by a great energy source, the Ark serves as a gateway to the other world. Somewhere while protecting the ark, Mother Superion died, but she was brought back with Ava nearby. Hallelujah. De Fanti noted:

That was the biggest surprise for me. It rarely happens – to resurrection. It’s not an everyday thing. So, how to manage the transformation was a challenge for me, and the scar goes away…because it’s part of the identity, right? As the Super Mother’s body healed at the same time, the scar disappeared.

It’s interesting to keep track of how people call Mother Superion. She’s been described as “elegant and serious, a cross between Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman in Kill Bill) and a Wonder Woman segment. People Magazine said De Fanti is “the one to watch”. Emmy voters may feel the same way.

When asked what she felt fans connected to with the show, De Fanti said: “Well, it’s very strange. They’re nuns killing people. They’re fighting for a good cause, but I think the good/bad thing all dances together. It’s not always obvious.” That ambivalence makes it interesting. And of course, the sisterhood community…the tough, badass fighting girls. And obviously all that’s part of the LGBTQAI+ community, and how hard it is in those kinds of hierarchical patriarchal societies to come across as the person you are. And power struggles I think all of these things are connected in our daily lives.”

Catch Warrior Nun on Netflix. Find the full list of Emmy nominees on July 12.


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