By this point, you’ve likely at least run through the free trial of Apple TV+, the streaming service associated with the tech brand that’s slowly taking over our world. The content you will find inside, at least the original content of it apple, very decent. What’s great about it, though, is that there seems to be something for everyone. TV shows are the catalog’s strong suit.

Among the best, you’ll find heartwarming sports dramas Ted Lasso. There are many seasons to watch. And in the year 2023, its very distant cousin arrives. shrank is another of Apple’s comedy offerings that highly praises its ability to produce quality content. It’s already one of our favorite programs of 2023, and it can be a great reason to give the service a try. Season 1 goes through a flash of 30-minute episodes that will leave you breathless.

One of its best features is its cast. Looking at comedy, the cast isn’t usually that wide, but the script is good enough to bring some familiar faces to the cast. We’ve put together a guide for you to find out who, and who plays each character on the show, as you gear up for the second season of the already renewed show.

Jimmy (Jason Segel)

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Jason Segel He plays Jamie Laird, a therapist who is grieving after the tragic death of his wife. He is also unable to communicate with his daughter. Out of desperation, he decides to completely change his methods and turn his sessions into a full intervention procedure where he goes into the homes of his patients and lets one of them live in his pool house. Jimmy is the force behind the show’s dramatic and comedic balance, with Segel doing a great job portraying a fool whose honesty is much stronger than the image people might imagine.

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Paul (Harrison Ford)

Harrison Ford Shrink
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The show’s strongest actor portrays Paul, the grumpy therapist who leads the center where Jimmy and Gabe work. He’s a father figure to Jimmy, and at some point, we might think he’ll be revealed as the estranged father. But he is not Jimmy’s father. He has the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, but that doesn’t stop him from being himself. He doesn’t hug, and discovers a delicious treat that represents the best of his later years. He is also a grandfather figure to Alice, Jimmy’s daughter. Harrison Ford He plays the same man he’s ever played, only this time with the best screenplay of his later career.

Gabe (Jessica Williams)

Jessica Williams shrinks
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Gabe is a co-worker of Jimmy and Paul. She knows every secret they have and was the best friend of Jimmy’s late wife. This does not mean that the limits will not be crossed. Gabby is going through a divorce, but she languishes once she is forgotten. Jessica Williams Gaby plays with so much originality and charisma, it’s hard to discern if the actress isn’t like that in real life. The scenes of her singing in the car are some of the show’s highlights, and her dialogues are the show’s best.

Sean (Luke Tenney)

lok shrink
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Sean, played by Luke Tenney, one of the few elements of the show that makes us cringe, and that’s okay. Shaun is a young vet who suffers from PTSD and anger. He goes to therapy to deal with them and becomes Jimmy’s experimental patient as he decides that Sean would be better off if he tried MMA. When Sean defends Jimmy in a fight, his therapist invites him to live in his house. Tini is a natural, and we can’t wait to see him in dramatic movies.

Liz (Krista Miller)

Christa Miller Shrink
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It’s hard to comprehend Liz at the beginning of the show. After all, she is a nosy neighbor who goes against everything in order to be accepted as “the one who cares most about everything.” There is no one who can beat her. However, when Jimmy awakens from his wistful slumber and stands up to Liz (she becomes Alice’s mother figure), she becomes aware of her issues and turns into a standout in the show’s beat ethos. Christa Miller Intelligence as an actress is essential to Liz staying strong.

Alice (Lucita Maxwell)

Lukita's contraction
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Alice is a somewhat spoiled brat, but we get it. This is her path to grief. Thankfully, the show doesn’t submit her character to the judgment that would normally apply and isn’t she just…a teenager going through things. From searching for love and support in strange places to being an explosive crybaby, Alice is a divisive character who is ultimately accepted because of her honest portrayal. Luketa Maxwell.

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Brian (Michael Urey)

Michael Urey Shrink
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Brian is Jimmy’s best friend, but he hasn’t spoken to him in a while. It is only when Sean needs a lawyer that Jimmy decides to reconnect. He also has his own issues because he wants to propose to his friend but is simply not sure if he actually wants to. He’s the hero of the best episode of the season, the one where a surprise engagement party takes place. Brilliantly played Michael UreyBrian is the highlight of the show.

Derek (Ted McGinley)

Derek shrank
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Married to Liz and retiring in a few days, Derek provides the unexpectedly effective comedic balance to Liz’s frustration. Derek is the friend we all wish we had, and the neighbor everyone wishes we had. He just wants to be relevant to everyone, but Liz insists that he should be out of the house after he retires. With such a good man, we can’t imagine what’s going on in her head. Fortunately, he is kind enough to make her change her mind about the drastic measure that would leave her alone. Ted McGinley A smile and personality are key to changing the mood of a show when it gets too bleak.

Meg (Lily Rap)

Lily Rabe Shrink
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Lily Rabe Meg only appears in two scenes in the show. But it is enough to allow us to understand the value of her character. She is Paul’s daughter and considers herself a victim of her father’s attitude. When we first meet her, the reunion with her father is very awkward and cold. When Paul reveals his condition to her, her attitude is predictable, but deeply questionable. However, this is the case with Paul. And in a final shot of sheer love, he surprises her. Rabe’s dramatic skills are plenty to make for a presence in the show that is about everything but her struggles.

You can stream the first season of shrank on Apple TV+.


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