Indiana Jones It is one of the most beloved and iconic action-adventure series of the past 50 years. The Harrison Ford-led series delivers everything you could want from an adventure movie. It’s a charismatic lead character who fights the good fight against the Nazis and other powerful forces, with a good dose of treasure hunting and supernatural elements mixed in there, too. It is simple yet effective. The first three films were some of the most talked about and financially successful of the ’80s, and in the years since, there have been many attempts to keep the franchise alive. The fifth feature film in the series, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinyrecently opened in theaters and reintroduced audiences to the world of Jones and his daring adventures.

Update July 2, 2023: In honor of the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyThis article has been updated to keep up with new information revealed in the latest movie.

Ford confirmed in this year’s D23 that the latest Indiana Jones The film will be his last outing as the character. However, there is still a lot of discussion about the series’ future, in both film, television, and streaming. This raises the question: can Indiana Jones Continuation of the franchise without its iconic star in the lead role? Beyond that, right? should the Indiana Jones Franchise just left a trilogy? if Destiny asked Truly Ford’s last appearance as Indiana Jones, the future viability of the franchise is in question. However, Disney seems determined to do just that Indiana Jones In one of the ongoing landmark series.

Series history


the Indiana Jones The series is one of the many crown jewels in director Steven Spielberg’s filmography. The first movie in the series, Raiders of the Lost Ark, was released in 1981 and is often considered one of the best action films ever made. With a story from the legendary star Wars Creator George Lucas, screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan, Raiders He was a prime example of the talents of the new Hollywood generation. It has fully earned its respected reputation. The movie earned a slew of nominations at the Academy Awards that year as well, including Best Picture and Best Director. I came away with five wins. Soon after, he began working on the follow-up sequel (which is actually a prequel), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Temple of death It was released in 1984, and although it wasn’t as instantly beloved as its predecessor, the movie was still a smash hit. Furthermore, the addition of a PG-13 rating to the MPAA film rating system in the United States was a direct result of the PG rating violence. dew sequel. Temple of death It was another action icon of the ’80s, and fans’ appreciation for the movie has grown over the decades. Then it would be another five years before Indiana Jones The trilogy was rounded out in 1989 with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 1989. The third film in the series was much better than received Temple of deathAnd the addition of Sean Connery as Jones’ father lifted the film to massive new heights.

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After the great success of Indiana Jones trilogy in the 1980s, there were several attempts in the 1990s to keep the series alive, even if Ford wasn’t involved. The most notable of these efforts was the TV series Young Indiana Jones Chronicleswhich explored the adventures of the main character in his youth before Raiders of the Lost Ark. That series wasn’t very well liked, to say the least. The series only lasted two seasons and was eventually made into a set of TV movies rather than a proper TV show. Until then, it had failed to garner much attention or acclaim, and a host of Young Indy Adventures failed to emerge from the ’90s.

21st Century Revival

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull dress
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Speaking of the fourth Indiana Jones The movie started around the same time it did Young Indiana Jones TV series produced. Lucas was interested in exploring the character with a science fiction story set in the 1950s, but at that time Ford and Spielberg wanted to move on to other projects. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the team got back together to produce the fourth installment in the series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The movie was released in 2008, after nearly 20 years The last crusade.

After the fourth film, Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford were all interested in returning for another film Indiana Jones Adventure sooner rather than later. It would take some time to put the project together, though, and then it was pushed back further as a result of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012. Development proceeded from there, with Spielberg eventually returning to the production house to allow Logan And Ford vs. Ferrari Director James Mangold will direct. The fifth film in the series, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinywas recently released in theaters and features Ford both in the 1960s and digitally aged to Raiders era.

behind Destiny askedThere was also discussion at Lucasfilm and Disney about continuing production Indiana Jones Movies after the fifth entry. Few details are known about how this will work, but it’s possible that the mantle of the series will be passed to a new character, possibly Jones’ daughter Helena, who is played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the new movie. Disney is also in development on the Disney+ series within Indiana Jones universe, however those discussions have slowed down.

Should the series be left alone?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in The Dial of Destiny

Fun and popular like Indiana Jones Chain, it’s okay to let things wind down sometimes. If there is one thing taught by Young Indiana Jones View, that is Indiana Jones Perhaps the films should have been left alone as a trilogy. Indiana Jones It was his day, and fans will always remember him. The first three Indiana Jones The movies have achieved legendary status that’s hard to replicate, and everything released since those three movies hasn’t quite matched the quality of the ’80s movies.

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Disney and Lucasfilm reportedly spent about $340 million Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. That’s a lot of money, and based on its opening weekend box office numbers, it’s disappointing and won’t make its money back on the theatrical market. Does this franchise have appeal for modern-day audiences? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull It received a mixed reaction from fans, and that may have killed some of the excitement and momentum to see Indiana Jones come back again. Disney, Lucasfilm, and fans have to ask themselves if this franchise is still relevant or if it belongs in a museum. Is it time to let Indiana Jones rest and stop insisting that future generations need to hold on to every bit of Gen-X nostalgia?

Other potential plots outside of Indy 5

Short tour Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
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As with any franchise in Hollywood these days, the ending isn’t really the end. There are always reboots, prequels, sequels, and more on the table. Extending these franchises so far is a good idea for debate, but it raises the question of whether Indiana Jones as a franchise can survive without Indiana Jones itself.

If they remake and reboot it, Indiana Jones could be a lot like James Bond. However, it may also be a case of does anyone care about Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford. When people say they love Indiana Jones, does that mean they love movies where Harrison Ford wears the costume? A similar scenario occurred when Lucasfilm reworked another popular Harrison Ford sequel Solo: A Star Wars Storyand became the first to fail star Wars franchise. Audiences loved Han Solo but wouldn’t be interested in a movie focused on the character without him.

They can also hand the franchise over to another character. the rocky The franchise seemed like it couldn’t be made around the title character in the lead role, but the baton was passed on to creed franchise. Now it can stand on its own. Creed III, the first without the Rocky Balboa character, did well at the box office. at one point, Star Trek It was just Kirk and Spock before they rolled the dice on new characters, and now it’s an entire franchise.

How about a short rhubarb trip? There are a lot of unanswered questions about fan-favorite characters that audiences want to know. The spin-off series would be interesting, and star Ke Huy Quan has expressed interest in reprising his role, so the adventures of an older short run would be exciting. Having won an Academy Award, it would be a great way to capitalize on his popularity.

There is also the obvious, Helena Shaw. The character is introduced in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny He seems ready to take on a similar mantle. It will be interesting to explore its adventures in the ’70s and ’80s, dropping it in a variety of genres and carrying the Indiana Jones legacy forward. It could also act as a way to allow other characters from the franchise to appear in cameo roles, like John Rhys-Davies Sallah or Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood.

There are also presets between the different movies. Indiana Jones definitely has a lot of friendships with characters like Abner Ravenwood, Harold Oxley, Basil Shaw, and Renaldo that can be explored in movies and TV series. There really are a lot of options. If Disney decides to move forward with the idea of ​​a Indiana Jones spin-off series, there are many ways they could go with it. It might be hard getting used to at first without Harrison Ford as a regular, but die-hard fans should still care a lot about the world the whip-wielding archaeologist is from.


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