the DCU It is preparing to be one last giant one of its previous phase with the light. All indications are that it was a great send-off…with positive word of mouth, glowing early reactions, heavy hype and – of course – the anticipation of Michael Keaton’s return as the original crusader on the big screen and cinematic remake. Introducing Supergirl after a long absence from the big screen….but that was it the light The right project to revive a fan favorite like Kara Zor-El?

Many films have already experimented with this approach, to introduce a new character or several in a larger story, more often than not. Sometimes to see how the audience would react before committing to giving the character their movie/franchise; Sometimes because the story they’re telling requires that character to appear; Sometimes just because the fans themselves would be a favorite character they want to see in cinematic existence due to unifying public voice, social campaigns, etc.

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This is stressing the studio in some ways (looking at you Spider-Man 3 poison!). But even though there was a successful one-off Blue Moon showing of a character inside a giant painting (Like Wonder Woman in) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), most of the time it just doesn’t go well… with a crowded film rarely giving any character a chance to stand out, especially a new one.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why including Supergirl in the upcoming movie might not actually be the right choice, as well as some of the reasons it might be.

The team aspect overshadows the character’s presence

Warner Bros.

There’s no denying that Michael Keaton’s Batman is the most anticipated part of the movie – and rightly so – because he’s one of the most popular characters in the world across all mediums, and so is Michael’s performance of him. But by including his own Batman, as well as other returning characters like Michael Shannon’s Zod and, of course, Ben Affleck’s Batman…

Even if the character is still anticipated, and Sasha Calle will almost certainly make an impression in the role (if early gossip is to be believed), her screen time will no doubt be limited because of this… enough return to the big screen.

This representation of the character takes the opportunity to explore its origin and richness

DC supergirl
DC Comics

Conspiracy the light herself uses Kara differently than any normal iteration or story of Supergirl… instead making her a sort of multiverse counterpart to her cousin; Most likely to cover his absence in the movie. We certainly don’t know yet if the film will mention her beginnings or visually showcase her in some way, but since she will be used to present a broader, multi-directional story in general, the decision to include her in the film in this way really limits the opportunity to properly explore and reintroduce her character’s story to audiences. .

After all, her last solo movie was in the ’80s…and it wasn’t well received. And with the instability the DCU has shown over these many years, there’s no way of knowing when (or if) we’ll get a solo Supergirl movie in the near future. This may be the last time we see her on the big screen for a while… so unless the movie makes enough room for her – and Sasha has enough time to win over audiences in some substantial way – this will only remain a partial chance of doing the character cinematically.

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Audiences have been galvanized by recent TV adaptationsSupergirl Episode 2 with Kara Zor-El

The character may not have made his return to the big screen yet. But fans and audiences around the world have been slowly re-introducing it on the smaller screen, and they’ve won big! First came Laura Vandervoort’s take on the classic show, Smallville.

By all accounts, she did a great job during her time on the show and became a beloved fan favorite, as well as winning over new audiences who tuned in and weren’t familiar with the character. Then, it was adapted again years later, this time with its own show and populated by Melissa Benoist. CW’s super girl It was a massive hit, both critically and with fans/viewers, and Melissa became iconic as Kara; The character’s popularity increased around the world. This all became a great warm-up for fans and audiences eagerly awaiting her return to the big screen, in whatever capacity.

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Female-led films have not usually fared well at the box office

Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004)
Pictures Warner Bros

2017 though Wonder Woman It was a welcome success in space, and historically, comic book heroines haven’t fared well on the big screen, financially or critically. There are only so many reasons people can attribute this unfortunate pattern to. But she is there. And so, with Wonder WomanGame-changing success aside, studios may still be somewhat reluctant to give the character their own movie and, God forbid, risk not being able to launch a high-quality product again and forgoing some of the goodwill the character has earned from the small side. a screen.

Perhaps appearing in a blockbuster event film in a smaller role – which is almost guaranteed to make a splash at the box office – and based on early word of mouth looks like he’d make a great movie, might just be the test run the character needs if the higher-ups at Warner Bros. have to. Determining that she deserves to lead her own movie/franchise. And we all know it is.


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