Shia LaBeouf He makes his big screen come back inside Padre Pew, a new film from Abel Ferrara made waves during the 2022 Venice Film Festival and is now set to be released in cinemas by Gravitas Ventures. In an exclusive clip, LaBeouf appears as an honorary Franciscan monk. You can check it out below.

The film has already garnered glowing acclaim from its appearances at film festivals, but it’s definitely something deeper than your typical summer blockbuster, which could make it struggle to earn the box office among some of the attention-grabbing films of the moment. According to the summary:

It’s the end of World War I and young Italian soldiers are on their way back to San Giovanni Rotondo, a land of poverty, historical violence and iron-clad rule of the Church and wealthy landowners. Families are desperate, men are broken, but they are triumphant. Padre Pio (Shia LaBeouf) also arrives, at a Capuchin monastery far away, to begin his ministry evoking an aura of charismatic charisma, sanctity and written visions of Jesus, Mary and the Devil himself. On the eve of the first free elections in Italy that pave the way for a historical and allegorical massacre, an apocalyptic event, an event that changes the course of the world.

Padre Pio also stars Cristina Chiriac, Marco Leonardi, Asia Argento, Vincenzo Crea, Luca Lionello, Brando Pacchetto, Stella Mastrantonio, and Salvatore Rocco.

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Director Padre Pio praised Shia LaBeouf’s dedication to style acting.

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While there has often been criticism of some Hollywood stars trending with style acting in their films, Abel Ferrara isn’t the one about to bring down Shia LaBeouf for his way of getting the most out of his role in a movie. Discussing the film’s release previously, Ferrara spoke about LaBeouf’s ability to get into the character of a Catholic priest. He said:

“He had just converted to my religion. He was just starting to recover. You know, I’m in recovery, so we had this in common. What I wanted, he got, you know. And I didn’t know much about him. I don’t need a working knowledge.” Someone. I just go with the gut feeling of a guy, especially with actors. I felt like he was right. I knew he was right. And he immediately jumped in his truck and took anywhere, this mission outside of Los Angeles, with the Franciscans. And he just sat down In the parking lot. Well, they finally came out and said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m going to play Padre Pio. These guys, they’re not sarcastic, that’s not behavior, so he’s like, ‘Okay, come inside. ‘ And then he started his new journey into Catholicism.”

How the film will be received is something that will soon be known, as Padre Pew Released on June 2.


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