In a sea of ​​endless coming-of-age series, it proves difficult to discover one that truly stands out, let alone shatters conventions or redefines them. Many of them suffer from clichés that can leave viewers feeling weary and exasperated. While he embraces teen romance clichés and high school tropes like the sexy jock, the socially awkward girl with her overbearing father, and the love triangle, I haven’t done it before He managed to go deeper. In essence, it delves into the uncertainties of life and the journey to self-acceptance. The show explores deep themes such as preparing for the future and dealing with loss, particularly Devi’s (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) struggle with her father’s death. It reveals her realization that her aspirations of attending Princeton are deeply intertwined with her desire to hold on to his memories.

Davy’s journey goes beyond the typical teenage quest for popularity and sexual experience. Along the way, it challenges and subverts high school tropes. While some may view it as a predictable teenage story, I haven’t done it before It develops into an engaging and refreshing narrative that follows Devi’s growth, her troubled past relationships, and her emotional growth. Across the 10-episode fourth season, which premieres June 8, the series authentically captures the high school experience while balancing comedic and romantic elements.

New story and diverse characters


While the premise of a nerdy girl drooling over a famous guy might seem overdone, Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher skillfully revive the narrative, enticing viewers with an irresistible new twist about an Indian nerd and her friends from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Devi’s Indian background adds an extra layer of oomph, while her friends, Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) and Eleanor (Ramona Young), come from diverse backgrounds that are authentically portrayed rather than simply symbols of diversity. Each character faces their own personal struggles, reinforcing relativism and shedding stereotypes.

Season two delves into Paxton’s (Darren Barnet) Japanese heritage, offering a rare and welcome portrait of a player with a Japanese-American background. The series beautifully incorporates a plethora of ethnic variations, intertwining them with their vibrant colors, resulting in a warm and bright experience. I haven’t done it before It breathes life into its diverse personalities, allowing them to have rich personalities that transcend their cultural backgrounds.

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A beautiful yet realistic picture

Paxton and Davey

Davey’s story, as might be expected in a high school comedy, had its moments of overzealousness. However, while she remained warm, she honestly portrayed the realities of life during and after high school. I haven’t done it before Season 4, in particular, showed the personal growth of Davey and those around her, particularly Paxton. The characters’ emotional development was intricately intertwined with their career choices and life lessons. Unlike most teen movies, where getting into Ivy League schools seems deceptively easy, Devi’s story paints a realistic picture of the grueling process, including the expectations, postponements, waiting lists, and even disappointments that follow. This aspect sets the series apart from others that overlook the tension surrounding college applications.

I haven’t done it before It also explored the post-high school lives of characters such as Blair Cowan, whom Davey admired. She reveals that life does not end after high school and that even the most accomplished student can experience unexpected setbacks. Paxton and Blair’s stories revealed that college life comes with its own set of difficulties, debunking the notion that it’s all rosy. A break from one of the most popular high school movies, the beginning of Season 4 depicted Davey and Ben’s first sexual encounter as awkward rather than happy. with this, I haven’t done it before It highlights that losing a love interest’s virginity may not always live up to romantic expectations.

Breaking high school awards

Best original TV series coming to Netflix in June 2023

in I haven’t done it beforeNerds aren’t all losers. Characters like Eric, Devi, and Fabiola are portrayed as successful individuals, defying stereotype. In Season 4, Episode 7, Eric goes from a loser on the swim team to a jock. Despite not being the most famous or popular, Ben Gross (Jarren Lewisohn) and Davey are admired and achieve their own forms of success at Sherman Oaks High. The series rejects the idea that cuteness determines an individual’s worth as shown in most high school movies, with the once-hot young Paxton a loser in college and even when he returns to his high school. By embracing different perspectives and challenging traditional storytelling conventions, the show offers a realistic portrayal of life.

It broke one of the main metaphors I haven’t done it before It is an expectation that a smart girl should end up with the sexy guy she was after. Davey and Paxton had their romantic moments, but this story isn’t about the love between a jock and a nerdy girl. Instead of Devi ending up with Paxton, the series surprises viewers by making Ben Gross her endgame. The show makes it clear that the main character doesn’t have to end up with a lifelong crush, but can end up as good friends. Davy also explores sexual ups and downs with hot Ethan while maintaining her academic edge. Despite initial skepticism, Devi proves that a smart student can have it all – a sexy boyfriend and sexual adventures, without becoming a failure.

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Endearing friendships and unlikely romances

I never did season 3 of Netflix

In many high school movies, it is common for the main character to have a major disagreement with her friends, which leads to backstabbing and drama. In the end, reconciliation and tearful apologies occur, often during the graduation ceremony. but, I haven’t done it before He breaks away from these clichés and forges his own path. While Davy and Fabiola had a slight disagreement over Fabiola’s advances to Princeton, their friendship never turned hostile. They soon realized their mistakes, expressed remorse, and reaffirmed their commitment to their friendship. Throughout the series, the show has beautifully portrayed the unwavering support among the friends.

Viewers were also pleasantly surprised by the unexpected romance between Devi’s stern grandmother, Nirmala and Lynn. In addition, the series defied expectations by having Davey move on from Paxton and end up with Ben, while Paxton himself entered into a relationship with someone much older. Unexpectedly, Eleanor and the clueless Trent emerge as the best couple in the series.


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