a trip Warrior Nun It was a tumult for fans of the former Netflix series. Despite the fantasy show’s second season getting near-perfect ratings, fans were left dumbfounded when Netflix decided to cancel the series and rejected the idea of ​​reviving it despite continued outcry. Series showrunner Simon Parry revealed last week that the third season of the series will be “more epic than you can imagine.” However, it looks like the revival won’t be happening on Netflix, but it looks like many more details will be revealed next month.

Barry shared a link to a new website called Warrior Nun Saved, which currently allows fans to sign up for notifications of new developments and contains a countdown that appears to have come to an end in mid-August. It is expected that this will be when the site opens and reveals all the details about the third season, including his new home.

Obviously, fans were happy with the news of the show’s revival from the Netflix graveyard, and once again shared their thanks to Barry for fighting to keep the show going. Their only worry now is knowing something is coming, but they won’t find out what it is for more than 40 days. However, after months of campaigning and petitioning for the series to be saved, it’s a small price to pay knowing that the show will indeed return for at least one more season.

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Warrior Nun becomes the new manifesto…but with Netflix as The Bad Guys.


The past few years have seen many fans believe that the power of social media campaigns can accomplish anything when it comes to keeping their favorite shows from being cancelled. This seems to work in the movie world with Zack Snyder’s version Justice Leagueand then the ABC mystery drama He appears It was saved from cancellation by Netflix, who took over the series for a fourth season of 20 episodes.

This time around, Netflix became the villain of the piece by canceling Warrior Nun after its second season, and didn’t care to listen to the fans’ many pleas to allow the series to continue. The identity of the person who came to save the series has yet to be revealed, and this is likely just one of the things that will be announced in August when the website’s countdown comes to a close.

In the meantime, fans and those just interested in knowing what the fuss is about can do so and check out the first two seasons of Warrior Nun on Netflix. The series is based on the comic book Nun Warrior Ariala Written by Ben Dunn and follows a 19-year-old girl who finds herself waking up in a morgue with an ancient artifact wedged into her back and the forces of Heaven and Hell attempt to claim it for their own purposes.


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