if you ask Rosie O’Donnellit’s time to give Lyle Menendez And Eric Menendez Rahim is released from prison. In 1989, the parents of the Menendez brothers were brutally hacked to death. Later, the two brothers went to trial for the murder, and the defense argued that the killing was revenge for the sexual abuse the two had suffered as children. In 1996, they were found guilty of conspiracy and first-degree murder, each with a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

While behind bars, the Menendez brothers apparently became good friends with O’Donnell. On TikTok, O’Donnell shared the story behind her relationship with the prisoners, recalling how it began in 1996 when The Flintstones The star received a message from Lyle. He told O’Donnell that they both knew he was innocent, and while she agreed, she wasn’t ready to deal with it yet, ignoring the letter at the time.

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“In 1996, Lyle sent me a letter,” O’Donnell explains. He basically said, ‘I know you know, and I hope we can connect.’ And, you know, he was right. I knew they were innocent. I knew those were boys who were trapped. And why did I know, and how did I know, Lyle knew too. I didn’t write him again because I got scared, and I wasn’t ready to touch it, you know, that was 1996.”

From then on, O’Donnell would eventually get along with Lyle. And that has improved greatly recently with the release of the Peacock documentary Menendez + Menudo: The Betrayed Boys. The document features Roy Rossillo of Menudo claiming that Lyle and Eric’s father, Jose Menendez, sexually abused him when he was a teenager. He also supports claims that Lyle and Eric were abused by Jose, and O’Donnell feels the double murder was their way of “paying back” after what he experienced growing up.

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Lyle and Eric Menendez are back in the spotlight

“In ’96, in the late ’80s, people were not ready to accept the fact that boys were also raped, sometimes by their fathers,” American Gigolo says the star, dismissing claims that Lyle and Eric killed their parents strictly for financial gain. “As a culture, we made fun of them. We joked about them constantly Saturday Night Live-Jokes from Jay Leno every night. Everyone thought that was a funny goal. Two kids who have been molested since preschool age fight back and stand up and people think they only want money. They had the money. They didn’t need the money. Money wasn’t what it was about.”

More than 30 years since the murders, O’Donnell has had no problems explaining how close she was to Lyle. She explains how it was Rebecca, Lyle’s wife, who facilitated the recent phone calls between them. They’ve only grown closer since then, and now O’Donnell is more convinced than ever that it’s time to break the Menendez brothers out of jail.

“We’ve been talking, sharing, getting really close, and his wife is amazing,” O’Donnell explains. “Both Lyle and Erik have amazing records in prison, with what they did with their time, and how they spent over 30 years in prison. So, do we believe them now because of Roy from Menudo? Do we believe, now, because of the letter Eric sent his cousin eight months before killing?”

She adds, “It’s about time. I believe them. They were so horribly abused by their parents, they did the unthinkable, which happened to them day after day after day, and they paid for it. 10 years for each victim, plus a gun charge, maybe.” 25-27 years old. They’ve been around longer than that. Release the Menendez brothers… It’s time.”

Monsters: The Story of Lyle and Eric Menendez Coming to Netflix in 2024. As for whether or not the brothers will be released from prison, time will tell.


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