Transformers: Rise of the Monsters Proving that Michael Bay didn’t need to be the director. The movie was a period piece right after the previous 2018 movie Bumblebee. Monsters Rise It was not a direct sequel to this movie. Instead, I continued that story in a realm transformers. It introduced other characters, like Maximals, that opened the world up in an exciting direction. The movie also established one of the craziest sequels of all time. Two classic worlds from Hasbro The company is now on the verge of a collision.

Monsters Rise Fulfilled the fantasies of many fans from the ’90s. transformers You will intersect with MLM Ji Joe. The idea of ​​connecting these worlds should be enough to get fans excited. What should these fans ask next, what could the story be? The answer could be one of the craziest sequels ever. It is clear that the Transformers will have to fight against the evil organization Cobra. Before they fight Cobra, the mutants must start fighting the Joes. These story possibilities promise a movie that will keep viewers talking.

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Transformers need to fight the Joes first

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The audience should remember that it is both transformers and the Ji Joe They are the equivalent of superheroes. These characters are otherworldly forces (both literally and figuratively) fighting for the greater good. Even the difference between normal heroes and villains begins with a struggle between them. Joes and the Transformers need to see themselves as opposing forces first. Getting them to fight can be relatively simple, thanks to the criminal organization Cobra. Their politically corrupt ambitions may lead to a desire for world domination.

in Monsters RiseHowever, the Autobots learn to become the protectors of Earth. Cobra’s evil plans could involve manipulating the Autobots. The Cobras can paint themselves as heroes, with Joe being the enemies. Their manipulation of the Autobots could make for some epic action sequences with the Joes. While some may consider a fight unwinnable, there is potential for an even match. That match must have been a distraction for both the Autobots and GI Joes. Cobra’s plans could include the need for some brute force delivered via the Decepticons.

The Decepticons’ role in the story should be handed over as a “reveal” to the audience. The construction of the mystery of their arrival may be similar in tone to the political novel. Their existence may be from a deal made with Cobra to take over Earth. Their presence on Earth must create some form of destruction. Each of these vile organizations needs to destroy something massive. Damage to something like the White House or the death of a political figure can motivate both sides forever.

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Joes and Transformers need to realize they’ve been played

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Cobra and Decepticons must wreak catastrophic damage on the planet. Joes and Transformers need to realize this with their human characters. This would allow characters from Monsters Rise to enter the story. The movie would also need some prominent human actors for the story. Noah (Anthony Ramos) can be the audience’s conduit, but he can’t be the only main human character. Noah should be able to show the Autobots that the Joes want the same thing. This message can be delivered by including another letter in transformers franchise.

John Cena character Bumblebee You should appear in this movie. Course Bumble US Army Colonel Jack Burns. This movie didn’t even mention the possibility of Burns being GI Joe. Making him Joe would be the perfect addition to this team-up movie in the future. Cena has been vocal about wanting both franchises to eventually cross paths. Burns and Noah could be the forces that bring the Joes and Transformers together. Both characters could help give audiences the nostalgia these franchises are known for.

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Senna and Ramos could also help ease the tension in the storyline. Both actors showed serious comedic chops. Being in the same presence as the Autobots can make for some pretty funny banter. Joking isn’t the only asset these two human characters can bring to the movie.

Both actors can also provide big screen spectacle to the story via human action sequences. Ramos has proven his action stars in the game Monsters Risewhile Cena proved himself peace maker. Both actors could definitely hold their own in the larger-than-life blockbuster sequel.

Transformers: Rise of the Monsters It promises a sequel that no one expected. In one post-credits sequence, two of the franchise’s most beloved franchises will cross paths. Story horizons can create unprecedented success. While the plot may not be new to the genre, it could offer a serious thrill.

Some might see the story as a silly homage to old school action movies. Others may simply be delighted to see their childhoods brought to life on the big screen. despite, Monsters Rise It sets up a unique and totally insane sequel movie.


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