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after Ray Stephenson He died in Italy early in the production of Paramount and Republic Pictures Casino in Ischia, a new actor was found for the role. In late May, filming was halted when Stevenson fell ill on set, dying soon after in a local hospital. It wasn’t clear at the time how much of the film Stevenson had shot before his death, but it has now been revealed that his role has been recast, and his scenes are supposed to be reshot with the new actor. at the deadline, Dominic Purcell (prison breakAnd Legends of tomorrow) has boarded the cast to take on the role of Stephen with production now underway in Italy.

According to the report, Purcell plays the lead role of Nick Cassino, “a former action star who gets kicked out by the next generation of action heroes. In an effort to revive his career, he travels to Italy to star in the first-ever “neo-realistic” action movie with the Italian director having the misfortune to have. When unresolved family conflicts resurface, he is forced to reconcile everything he left behind on his path to fame.

Casino in Ischia It is directed by Frank Ciotta, whose brother, Joseph Ciotta, wrote the screenplay. The film is produced by Barbara DeFina and DeFina Film Productions, along with Isola Verde Films. Executive producers include Cattleya’s Frank Ciotta, Joe Ciotta, and Christina Giobetti.

Purcell has starred in television shows prison break And Legends of Tomorrow in DC. Most recently, he appeared with Bruce Willis in killer, one of the latter’s films. Also appeared in the Netflix movie blood red sky Along with excitement Confidential informant With Kate Bosworth and Mel Gibson. He has previously appeared in other movies such as Mission: Impossible 2And Triple bladeAnd Assault on Wall StreetAnd In the Name of the King 3: The Last MIssionAnd up.

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Ray Stephenson passed away unexpectedly in May

Sky One

Stevenson’s death was announced just weeks after it was reported that he would co-star Casino in Ischia. The actor is also set to replace Kevin Spacey in the upcoming landmark film 1242: West Gate. He will appear posthumously in the Disney+ series Star Wars: Ahsoka Because he completed his work on this show before his death. He was only 58 years old and still engaged frequently when his death was announced, which made the news even more shocking to his fans as well as his famous friends.

“Very sad to hear the news of Ray Stephenson entering polo RomeThe actor has passed away Rome co-star James Purefoy wrote on Twitter when Stevenson’s death was announced to the public. “A brilliant, gritty, larger-than-life actor who filled every role he played to the brim. My thoughts are with his family, his lovely wife Peta and their beautiful children. What a loss.”

No release date has been announced Casino in Ischia.


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