Batman He is easily the most prolific character in DC. Superman may be the character that built DC Comics, but there’s no denying in the 21st century Batman is their highest-grossing superhero. He has been the star of numerous feature films, both live-action and animated, and in less than a decade there have been four live-action television series about supporting Batman characters without Batman: GothamAnd pennyworthAnd BatwomanAnd Gotham Knights.

Update June 1, 2023: This article has been updated with more from the Batman animated series as well as information on the upcoming series, Batman: Caped Crusader.

The character has thrived in animation. He has helmed multiple series and starred in several other shows, including Superman: The Animated SeriesAnd Justice LeagueAnd Young justice. new animated series, Batman: Caped Crusader, is currently in development at AppleTV+, and is slated to be a soulful companion piece to the popular ’90s animated series. Here’s a look back at the best animated series for the Caped Crusader show.

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10 Beware Batman (2013)

Warner Bros. Animation

Beware of Batman It was a short-lived animated series that premiered shortly after being more youthful and creative Batman: The Brave and the Bold I finish. The series went on to have more of a James Bond-style spy movie without any of the fun of the actual Bond series. It followed a young Bruce Wayne just starting out as Batman with the support of Alfred, whose MI6 background was well known and introduced lesser known characters like Katana.

However, the series ended after only one season. The series has been a victim of a number of issues, including delays as weapons were removed from Alfred Pennyworth’s arsenal after Aurora was shot in 2012 during a show. The Dark Knight Rises. The chain was also supposed to sell a bunch of toys that didn’t sell well with kids. However, it does offer a unique take on Batman.

9 Patwell (2022-present)

Batwells -2

Wheels Warner Bros. is desperately trying to get some toy stock from rival Disney cars brand, and since Batman has such a wide range of gadgets, it makes for the perfect brand. Wheels It follows a group of Bat-computers brought in by the Bat-Computer to form their own unique crime-fighting unit under the already established Bat-Family (with Ethan Hawke voicing Batman).

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The series is aimed at a younger audience, but it’s a fun reinvention of Batman’s mythology and highlights some of his more fun playthroughs. It’s a good first Batman show for preschoolers and something parents can enjoy too.

8 The Adventures of Batman (1968-1969)

Batman Adventures

This is the first solo Batman animated series developed Batman Adventures. This project was in the beginning Batman / Superman watch before being retooled into a solo series following Batman & Robin. This series was supposed to capitalize on the success of 1966’s Adam West Batman series. For many young fans, this was their first exposure to Batman.

7 The New Adventures of Batman (1977-1978)

The Penguin in The New Adventures of Batman (1977)
Warner Bros.

While the title implies that it is connected to The Adventures of Batman, New Batman Adventures It was more closely associated with the 1966 Batman series, including bringing back Adam West and Burt Ward to voice Batman and Robin, respectively. The series was a delight and featured Batgirl and the Bat-Might, the fifth-dimensional imp that James Gunn hinted at for having a crush on him.

The most prominent element in New Batman Adventures It was produced by Filmation, whose main competitor was Productions Superfriends challenge at the time, which means they both had separate Batman comics at the same time. Villains in one cannot be used in the other, and that’s why New Batman Adventures Do not use Riddler or Scarecrow during this time Superfriends challenge The Joker cannot be used.

6 Batman (2004-2008)

Batman 2004
Warner Bros. Animation

Batman It was the first new animated take on the Caped Crusader in over ten years, with Kevin Conroy’s Batman continuing after Batman: The Animated Series in Justice League And Justice League: Unlimited. Being the first new Batman would always be daunting, and Batman decided to show a younger take on Batman with more of an action/anime style influence rather than a detective noir angle.

Although considered divisive on the character at the time of release, the current perspective has been kind to the show’s legacy. It may have put extra emphasis on gadgets to sell a bunch of toys, however this was the first new Batman game in a long time and it came out a year ago Batman beginswhich helped make this the first Batman for a whole bunch of kids.

5 Batman Beyond (1999-2001)

Batman yet
Warner Bros. Television

A futuristic cyberpunk game that challenges Batman, Batman next It follows a retired Bruce Wayne and his new apprentice, Terry McGuinness, who have taken up the mantle of Batman. While technically a follow-up to Batman: The Animated Seriesthis series stands on its own enough to watch animated series not required. However, it also has many fun callbacks to animated series that make your viewing experience more rewarding.

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McGinnis does a good job of setting himself apart from both Bruce and his many protégés to craft a distinctly new Batman. This, along with a fun new gallery of cyberpunk criminals, makes this series strong with a well-received spin-off movie, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Her legacy lives on, and fans are still waiting to see a live-action adaptation of the property.

4 Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-2011)

Brave and daring Batman
Via Warner Bros

clown without apology, Batman: The Brave and the Bold He initially surprised audiences with his light-hearted style and appeal to a younger audience. Each episode pairs Batman with a different hero, ranging from plastic man to augmented gold. This provided fans with the unique opportunity to see the titular character interact with DC’s larger universe in a TV series based on the lone hero.

The series has also hosted massive amounts of mind-bending adventures ranging from time-travel games to musical numbers. The series drew heavily from comics from the Silver Age with great confidence in carving out its place in the landscape of Batman animated projects. Released in the same year as The Dark KnightAnd Batman: The Brave and the Bold It might seem like an odd pairing for a Christoper Nolan movie, but in the end it showed just how versatile Batman can be, both serious and lighthearted.

3 Batman’s New Adventures (1997-1999)

The New Batman Adventures- Joker talks to his lawyer
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Television Distribution

While this show is technically a continuation Batman: The Animated SeriesAnd new adventures of batman, It also serves as a soft reboot of the series and the titular character. The show takes place a few years after the end animated series and reintroduces Dick Grayson as Nightwing while also introducing a new Robin. The series revolves heavily around the Gotham City community, often finding interesting pairings for the various heroes and villains.

The series brings a more elegant Gotham with a bright red sky. This series is also where the redesigned character models, which were designed to match, were introduced Superman: The Animated Series And I moved on Justice League And Justice League: Unlimited. While it retains a lot of the amazing storytelling and character development of the original, it’s hard to top the story that started it all.

2 Harley Quinn (2019-present)

Harley Quinn
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

While Batman is not a star Harley Quinn, is a prominent role, and most of the main characters from his rogue show and supporting characters. Not only is Harley Quinn the titular star, but it also features major roles for Poison Ivy, Joker, Clayface, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and Barbra Gordon, to name a few. Harley Quinn is an R-rated raunchy comedy that explores the Batman story from the angle of the villains, managing to be a laugh-out-loud riot and have really sweet character moments.

It features an interesting exploration of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and since the series is told from one of the biggest villains’ points of view, it means Batman can play the antagonist at times. It also features Diedrich Bader voicing Batman, reprising his role from Batman: The Brave and the Boldmaking this more connected to Batman’s wider legacy.

1 Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)

Kevin Conroy in the Batman animated series
Warner Bros.

to many, Batman: The Animated Series It was the definitive motion picture for the classic character. For others, it’s the ultimate complete adaptation of Batman across all entertainment. premiere shortly after Tim Burton’s live-action films, Batman: The Animated Series It distinguished itself by diving into the noir aesthetic of the characters and Gotham City.

The ’90s animated series struck the tricky balance of making a Batman animated series that both kids and adults could enjoy. It was fun and never boring, but it also wasn’t afraid of being dark and had a level of emotional maturity that many cartoons of the time didn’t have. Her legacy continues as fan favorite Harley Quinn and modeled for Arkham video game series. Voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill redefined Batman and the Joker, respectively. They were so creative that they’ve gone on to voice the character in unrelated media animated series. Conroy sadly passed away in 2022, but it’s hard to argue that any actor has left a bigger mark on Batman than he has. Even though he’s gone, there’s no doubt that thanks to the series, audiophiles still hear him when they read the Batman comic.


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