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Quentin Tarantino He is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and one of the few entertainers in the industry who manages to leave his signature mark on everything he does, which is why audiences are always anticipating his next big project. Although many fans would like to see Tarantino Kill Bill 3It seems that the director will fulfill the promise he made over the years, and his next and tenth films will be his last.

Despite the fact that he may continue to work on television, and is currently developing a TV series, the news that there will be no more films directed by the director has undoubtedly disappointed him. More than anything given that many expected to see an additional chapter from one of his most iconic films.

Among his extensive films, Kill Bill It is one of the more unique titles, in both its first and second installments, and rumors of a possible third part have been circulating for years. In fact, the idea of ​​a new movie with Maya Hawke, the daughter of original heroine Uma Thurman, was very appealing to Weird things an actress.

However, the person who has the final say regarding the continuation is Tarantino, and he seems unconvinced with the project. Speaking with Belgian outlet DeMorgen, the director finally gave an answer about whether it could be made Kill Bill Bean. 3:

“I don’t expect that to happen. My last movie is about a film critic, a male critic. And it plays out in the 70s.”

Earlier this year, Tarantino shared some details about his latest movie, titled Film critic, which he said centered around a real-life film critic he met but never became famous, who wrote reviews in a pornographic magazine. So it definitely has nothing to do with it Kill Bill Or any of his previous films.

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What is Kill Bill about?

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The story revolves around The Bride, a woman who is subjected to a horrific attack during her wedding, in which many of her guests and her groom are killed. She ends up in a deep coma from which she awakens four years later, and also discovers that she has lost the child she was carrying.

Devastated by the deaths that surround her and having nothing to lose, the bride begins her journey of revenge against those who caused her so much pain and especially against her ex-boyfriend Bill, who is responsible for everything that happened to her.

Kill Bill It was the second collaboration between Thurman and Tarantino after Pulp Fiction, one of the director’s most acclaimed works, and has become one of his greatest ideas. in Once upon a time in hollywood Maya Hawke makes her feature film debut alongside the director, sparking fans’ desire for a third installment in the series. Kill Bill An epic starring a young actress as she carries on her mother’s legacy.


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