Spoiler warning: The Pope’s ExorcistRecently released by Sony Pictures, Exorcist Pope It gave people something to talk about as they left the stage. The fairly decent scary movie featured Russell Crowe playing the most important exorcist in the Vatican as he encounters a menacing demon who has overcome the corpse of a young boy in a Spanish castle. Father Amworth, inspired by a real-life exorcist, decides to take an interest in the estate, but at the same time, he reveals a dark secret to the church that will make him question the ideals he follows.

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If you’re still trying to find a reason to watch this, we’ve put together a list of the scariest movie moments. If horror isn’t your thing, maybe this will convince you to finally give the genre a chance. But if you are a horror fanatic, then you will probably enjoy this scary movie as it gets more exciting with every second.

10 animal sacrifice

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After the ordinary horror novel, Exorcist Pope Fear gets its start when Gabriel Amorworth is introduced as a priest responsible for performing exorcisms on a young man. His skills are demonstrated in a short sequence that ends with the brutal sacrifice of a pig that has just become a vessel for the demon responsible for possession. The shock of the priest accompanying Amurth is palpable and reflects well the audience’s reaction.

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9 Henry speaks

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The plot then moves to another location. In Spain, a family of three has moved into a castle that is to be renovated. A mother has a rebellious teenage daughter and a son who won’t speak due to the trauma caused by his father’s tragic death. It’s very clear early on that he’s going to become a victim of a takeover. And when Henry finally spoke, his mother was elated. Only he doesn’t say cute things, and uses a guttural voice that really gets under your skin.

8 Meeting Henry and Father Gabriel

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Since the movie’s opening, Father Amorth has always shown to be cheerful. Even to his superiors, he displays a rebellious and blunt attitude. When it comes time to meet Henry, Gabriel tries to be the prankster himself. The demonic voice teases, but soon reveals to know far more matters than the priest first thought. Seeing his reaction from confidence to outright terror is really scary. This would be a difficult case for the head of the exorcists in the Vatican.

7 He knows all your sins

Exorcist Pope
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Amorth begins to work. There is no time to lose. For the procedure, Amorth asks Father Esquibel for help and then they begin. The demon inside the boy reveals his agenda as he begins to release details about Esquibel’s sinful past. The young priest stared in awe at the worst entity he had ever encountered. Amworth is also accused of negligence in saving the life of a poor girl. This knowledge leaves the audience uneasy because perhaps these men are not as good and holy as we thought.

6 Mother and daughter are attacked as chaos reigns

Exorcist Amy Pope
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Amy and Julia stare in horror as Henry suffers the relentless wrath of a demon whose agenda has yet to be discovered. But after that they are no longer witnesses. They are also part of the offensive attack. You’ll see heads turning and incredible strength tossing them like dolls. from this point, Exorcist Pope changes some rules and portrays mother and daughter as intelligent people; Maybe they should leave.

5 The past comes back to haunt everyone

Exorcist group in the pope
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The sins of Esquibel and Amorth are now on full display and images materialize in Henry’s room. In a scene with which religious people will feel uncomfortable, the film features Rosaria, a victim linked to Amworth’s past, as a powerful element that will make the priest’s trust crumble. Henry did not return the ship. Now the house has the power to make you relive your worst nightmare.

4 Henry is physically superior to confession

The Exorcist of Pope Henry
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The cool special effects makeup makes Henry a victim you won’t easily forget. The child is branded and marked by an invisible force that leaves his skin raw, and his face contorted to the point of being completely unrecognizable. This awesome horror feature is cleverly used by Julius Avery, the director of the movie. Henry’s “descent” is slow, so in every scene, we see the progress of his body being violated by an unseen entity.

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3 The church is taking a beating

Pope's Underground Exorcist
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when Exorcist Pope It becomes more than just an exorcism movie and gives substance to the backstory, it becomes more exciting than before. It’s almost a trick of the sleeve that we didn’t expect when Amorth discovered an entrance in the castle’s courtyard. When he removes the door, he and Esquibel discover that there is a reason why this place is convenient. It is about the Spanish Inquisition, where an exorcist was possessed by a powerful demon and managed to infiltrate the church. His name is Asmodeus.

Oh, and this place? Yes, it will give you the creeps. Props to the production designer.

2 human sacrifice

Zovatto in The Pope's Exorcist
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Exorcist Pope Don’t go for the easy decision and formula. In other cases, Henry was beaten by an exorcism packed with special effects, a exemplary score, and a compelling sense of triumph. Instead, the movie insists on Amorth as the main character and subjects him to the burden. In a touching scene, he decides to sacrifice himself and become the ship. How will he fight it? In the exciting third chapter.

1 Entering Hell in Chapter Three

Pope's Exorcist with Russell Crowe
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Esquibel and Amorth are fighting something they can’t fathom in the most terrifying moment in the movie. The size is unimaginable. At one point, a religious figure appears, but it is the Devil who deceives us again, and the image of the Virgin Mary dissolves to show the face of Asmodeus. Father Amworth is beaten and Father Esquibel suffers the devil’s wrath as well.

Do they win? Do they lose? Maybe, you just have to trust us and stream this next video. How scary Exorcist Pope? Scary enough to stay on your mind for a while.

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