Pixar Everything is ready for the premiere of win or lose, the first Disney+ series. However, the studio is not having a good moment. despite of racistits latest film, has managed to improve its box office performance over the weeks, it is far from being one of the blockbuster hits the company is used to making.

Since issuance Toy Story 4 In 2019, which was heavily criticized by some fans, things didn’t go as expected and Pixar was no longer the number one studio in animation. onwardsthe project that followed the fourth part of the saga starring Buzz and Woody, was moderately successful, while the sequel, spiritreleased directly on Disney+ due to the pandemic.

Luca Suffered the same fate and turns red Also, even though it’s between those two studios that had their chance to return to theaters with Light year. However, the Toy Story The spinoff had very low numbers compared to the rest of the franchise, in addition to receiving very poor reviews.

For this reason, Pixar will try its luck on the small screen with a TV series titled win or lose, which is set to premiere later this year. But the recent failures of the study seem to be affecting her already.

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Win or lose he was planning a minor event but he might not see the light


win or lose Focused on a softball team looking to win the school’s championship. Each episode of the series will follow a different hero, showing their path to becoming a key player for the team and the value he has in their lives, as well as their love for the sport.

According to an article from The Wrap, while the series premiere stands, it appears that Pixar was planning to build out a universe from the show and that may not happen, as the outlet reports that there was a piece of development that was canceled even before it was officially announced.

Outside win or losePixar already has many projects planned for the future. Elio It will be the studio’s next original movie, which is about a young boy with a big, active imagination who is suddenly transported to the Communiverse, an interplanetary organization with representatives from all galaxies. Mistaken for Earth’s ambassador, Elio must form alliances with alien lifeforms, as well as survive a series of massive tests and discover his place in the universe.

in addition to, Toy Story 5 And inside out 2 Already in development to expand some of the company’s most popular franchises. the next Toy Story Buzz and Woody would reunite after their separation at the end of the fourth film. sequel to inside out A teenage version of Riley would follow, with new emotions emerging.

Some rumors also point to it Finding Nemo It could also hit the Disney+ screen with a series, but that hasn’t been confirmed.


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