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This story contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Picard episode “Dominion”Another big surprise was delivered to Star Trek Fans of the final season of Star Trek: Picard. While there have been plenty of reunions with Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard and other characters from next generationSome fan favourites Voyager They also made their way onto the show in previous episodes. The seventh episode of the third season, “Dominion,” similarly brought another episode Voyager Favorite, which is the first time we’ve seen this character in over two decades.

As those who watched the episode attested, this return was none other than Tuvok’s Vulcan character Tim Ross Replay the role. Ross has not been seen in the role of Tuvoc since the end of the series Star Trek: Voyager In 2001, which made the return very important. However, this version of Tuvok, now serving as Starfleet Commander, will not be the actual Tuvok we know from Voyager, but the changeling that took his place, as discovered by Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). But we could end up seeing a TRUE Tuvoc, before the season ended, also confirmed on Twitter that Ross would appear in another episode of the series.

the tweet He reads, “It was all top secret until today. But my character, TUVOK, will be appearing in two episodes of it Star Trek: Picard Starting from today! 🙂

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Tuvok will return in another episode of Picard

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This was definitely a pleasant surprise for Voyager Fans, though some are still hoping for a vision TRUE Tovok as well. In the episode, the Changeling Team poses as Tuvok as another Star Trek Characters as well after Seven of Nine reveals his true form. No hints have been given about what’s going on at this point in the story with the actual Tuvok, though it would seem like it would be a shame if the second appearance of Tim Russ on the show were to portray the Changeling again, as it would prevent fans from saying goodbye. The real Captain Tuvok.

Meanwhile, characters from Voyager As Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and Tom Paris (Robert Duncan MacNeil) appeared in recent animated shows of the franchise, Star Trek: Miracle And Star Trek: Below Decks. Be it these two or the other Voyager The family will appear in the final episodes of Picard Well remains to be seen. We’ll find out soon enough, as there are only three episodes left of the final season.

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