The last of us a star Pedro Pascal She examines the controversial topic of race swapping, gender swapping, and other ways to improve diversity in her casting. On social media, we can pretty much expect to see some complaints anytime a character previously portrayed as white is changed to another race in a new movie or TV series. We’ve seen a lot of this recently with the release of the little Mermaid, which introduces Halle Bailey as the black incarnation of Ariel. This led to those unhappy with the casting taking to social media with the hashtag #NotMyAriel, even months before the film’s release.

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Pascal, also known for his popular role in star Wars series The Mandalorian, addressed the subject in a new interview with Variety. He was asked about being seen as an actor and not “Pedro Pascal the Latino guy we have for Latino roles”, and it made him comment how important it is to improve acting in all movies and TV shows. The actor believes the focus should be on “just casting someone in a role” rather than “limiting a character to her ethnic identity”, suggesting that all fictional characters should be fair game when it comes to race or gender.

“I think change is really important and the best way to continue acting is to just put someone in a role that doesn’t limit the character to racial identity,” Pascal explains. Especially if that’s the IP we’re familiar with or a book. And people are very affected by this kind of thing, but who cares? Because that’s the coolest way to move the needle, casting is opened up in every way.”

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Pedro Pascal says that fictional characters should not be limited to representation


This is not to say that Pascal wanted to see acting forced into the projects, and felt that efforts should also be made to craft the strongest story possible. In any case, he points out, we’re making progress, even if Hollywood directors and producers are still trying to figure out the best way to do it.

“Instead of being like ‘Here are the instructions, this is the way we need to go… let’s classify what representation is and follow it,’” says Pascal. “No, I think we need to continue to explore it and make sure we understand that representation serves to narrate The story rather than satisfying a political frustration, which is totally legitimate too.”

He further explained, “It’s a lot of fun to navigate, and I think it’s worth all the attention in the world for us to be able to navigate, that the needle is really moving, that things are kind of like a shift.”

Pascal will return for the second season of The last of us. He is also currently filming a sequel to wrestler With director Ridley Scott. He will next appear in the comedy Road Trip Drive-Away dolls From director Ethan Coen and co-stars Margaret Qualley, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Benny Feldstein. This movie will be released on September 22nd, and a trailer was released recently.


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