when offshore banks Released back in April 2020, the Netflix original show became an instant hit, reaching No. 1 on the platform. After a group of teens transition from living their summer lives to the fullest to searching for lost gold, the show is exactly what people have been craving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After discovering what his father left him for that led to his disappearance, John B. wants nothing more than to see his father’s final mission. With the help of his friends, John B. himself on the run from the police, trying to make connections and evading people willing to do anything to discover the treasure in front of him. Over the three seasons of the show so far, John B. Many notable moments, all thanks to a special performance from Chase Stokes.

10 turn himself in


Perhaps one of the most notable scenes showing the nature of John B. In the second season when he is not getting into a fight against the police. After being framed for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin at the end of Season 1, he returns to the Outer Banks as a wanted man. When the FBI finally catches up to him, he stops JJ (Rudy Pankow) from starting a shootout and turns himself in.

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Knowing he will inevitably end up in jail if caught makes the moment easily deserving of a place on this list, showing John B. Although part of his plan is to show that he is innocent and Ward is guilty, the indecisiveness behind his decision lets everyone know where his values ​​lie.

9 His fleeting moment of genius

Characters of the Outer Banks John B.  and Sarah in the season three finale

In the Season 3 finale, the group finds themselves in South America, searching for the main treasure that has been at the center of the search all along. Hear John B. and Sarah (Madeline Klein) the voice of John B.’s father coming home and they need a plan to get him out. In a quick stroke of genius, coupled with a little luck, John B. The perfect tool for the job, fireworks.

Since he found out his father was alive, John B. Anything to maintain that status nearly a year after he was believed to be dead. By this point, the group had found themselves on countless close calls, and this moment shows just how efficient John B.

8 Vlad and Val’s first mission

Outer Banks mission Vlad and Val first

This Moment in Journey John B. distinctive for several different reasons. On the Outer Bank, there are Pogues, the poorer side that John B. is on, and Kooks, the richer side that Sarah comes from. The class divide on the island causes great tension between the two, making John B’s decision to seek help from one of the richest people on the island a sign of his commitment.

This was also the beginning of the relationship between John B. and Sarah, who ends up playing a major role in the group’s success. What started out as a seemingly big risk for John B. ends up being one of the best decisions he makes, getting one step closer to gold and falling in love in the process.

7 get closure

Send John B.  His father's photo in the first season

In the first season, John B. only learns that his father has disappeared. Although almost everyone assumed he was dead, John B. He never accepts the darkest of possibilities. Midway through the first season, Ward tries to pressure John B into giving up his knowledge of the gold’s location, which quickly turns violent. John B. He manages to flee, prompting closure from the wife of another explorer who also lost his life chasing gold.

Of all the standout moments John B. has had so far, this heartfelt scene was when we got to see John B. He gathers up the courage to move on from the past, now that he knows “the truth”. John B’s character has gone through a great deal of development throughout the first half of the season, making this moment even more memorable.

6 reunion with his father

John B. is reunited with his father in the Outer Banks Season 3

After an unexpected escape from the remote island, the group finds themselves after the events of the end of season two, and they end up in Barbados. What is also revealed at the end of Season 2 is that John B’s father, Big John, is still alive. Just as the group is about to leave the island and head home, John B. The same bells his dad used to call him home with back to the Outer Banks.

Sarah tells him to go, he runs to the clock tower to find his father inside. While some fans weren’t terribly impressed with the story that followed, the reunion itself was one of John B’s best moments, overwhelmed by his father’s embrace after everything he’s been through the past two seasons.

5 Rescue Sarah from Ward’s grasp

John B.  Saving Sarah on the Outer Banks season 2 finale

By the end of Season 2, everyone has reached a breaking point. With Ward and his son Raf trying to keep the Santo Domingo Cross away from John B and the group, Ward’s rage causes him to nearly choke his daughter in Sarah before John B comes from behind to stop him.

Of course, John B. That his father is alive at this point, so being able to take down Ward the same way Ward took down his father was another closing moment for Jon. The audience also doesn’t know that Big John is alive, making this moment one of John B.’s most moving and memorable moments. Chase Stock’s acting again adds a lot of emotion to the scene.

4 Not showing emotion while watching Ward’s death

Sarah and John B.  On the Outer Banks Season Two

Perhaps John B. On the show is when Ward fakes his death by blowing up his yacht in front of the group, with John B showing no emotion. His next door girlfriend just watched her father supposedly die, and shows no remorse. This moment is also before John B. That his father is alive, so he’s still breaking out on the news that Ward killed his father.

Once the season was launched, conversations about this moment started immediately. No matter what perspective you take on John B.’s reaction, there is no doubt that this is one of John B.’s most memorable moments.

3 Detection of gold under the piece 9

Find John B.  Gold in the Outer Banks Season 1

The first moment the group begins to realize that John B.’s bizarre plan might actually work is when he finds the first stash of gold under Part 9. All the chaos seems worth it at this moment, especially for John B. who said “we did it dad”. This scene is one of the best that shows John B.’s unwavering commitment to completing his father’s latest assignment, against almost gratuitous odds.

It wasn’t just the characters who thought his plan was off to a group of teens, it was the viewers as well. The vision of John B. Finally getting to the good is as satisfying a moment for the audience as it was for the characters.

2 Ward exposing

Ward listens to John B.  He is exposed in the first season finale

By the end of the first season, John B. Only one option to escape his arrest. Planning to take a boat and start a new life in Mexico, there was no way Sarah wouldn’t go with it. Sarah’s presence on the boat leads to Ward coming over the police radio, where John B. The opportunity to reveal that Ward killed his father. Since the two were in the middle of a tropical storm, John B. At least the police know what really happened.

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Even in the face of death, John B. He thinks of his father, and does everything he can to try to get him justice. Even if this moment didn’t lead to Ward’s arrest, it’s still undoubtedly one of John B.

1 Find El Dorado

John B.  and Sarah Finding El Dorado

The end of the third season saw John B. finally fulfill his father’s dream, of finding El Dorado Cave full of gold. All the mountains John B and the group had to climb lead up to this moment, making it the best moment for him throughout the entire show. With his father out of the cave and Sarah with him, making for this final moment where everyone is happy.

With the fourth season of offshore banks Confirmed, Chase Stokes is sure to deliver more iconic moments for John B on his next adventure. Now that the crew has all the wealth they could possibly need, the idea of ​​the situation John B.


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