Only a few months into the year and 2023 has already brought a steady stream of epic films. From blockbuster hits like Ant-Man: Quantumaniato smaller budget films such as infinity pool And When you’re done saving the worldThere is a wide range of stories being told. However, no matter how big or small the movie is, all of these amazing stories rely on the same key ingredient to get the feel of a movie: the music.

From the excitement that builds in action sequences to jump scares that make us scream, to tearful moments in a budding romance, a powerful soundtrack is often the secret ingredient for capturing the audience’s emotions. In honor of those songs, here are our favorite soundtracks of 2023 (so far).

6 cocaine beer

Illustration by Thomas Levinson / The Daily Beast / Universal

When it hits theaters on February 24, Universal Picture’s popped cocaine beer It was an instant hit. With a crazy elevator like that, it’s no wonder why: After a drug trade goes wrong, several unlucky tourists in the Chattanhoochee-Oconeee National Forest find themselves face-to-face with a 500-pound black bear… high on cocaine. The first film from actress-turned-director Elizabeth Banks – best known for her work on it pitch perfect And The Hunger Games – Cocaine Bear is a horror comedy that captures the perfect blend we didn’t know we wanted: retro nostalgia and ’80s nostalgia.

cocaine beer He expertly uses beats from decades past to reduce the tension caused by the film’s carnage. Jeffrey Osborne On the wings of love He plays as we watch our sedated black bear friend terrorize everyone in his path. Berlin No more words He jumps to life as we watch the kids run for their lives. Whether you are a horror fan or not, cocaine beer It has the kind of music that makes you wish you had Shazam songs while playing it.

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5 When you’re done saving the world

When you're done saving the world
A 24

Directed by another actor-turned-director, Jesse Eisenberg is moving away from his psychological thrillers such as Now you see me And social network With a sweet heart-warming story When you’re done saving the world. When a quiet and presumptuous new baby is brought into Evelyn’s orphanage, she finds it puts a strain on her relationship with her one-track son, Ziggy.

A film that depicts an anxious mother struggling to balance work and home life, and a son desperate for independence, it’s no wonder Emile Mousseri was hired to score the film; The man behind the magical and ethereal soundtracks of some of Hollywood’s most emotional films, incl minariAnd The last black man in san franciscoJonah Hill’s personal documentary Stutz.

The music is soft and whimsical, gently capturing the emotional state of our heroes Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard) and Evelyn (Julianne Moore). You will find yourself much softer after listening to the soundtrack of this movie.

4 Alkarras

Lluís Tudela/MUBI

Spanish director Carla Simon dazzles audiences with her captivating film Alkarras. The Sole family has been working their peach orchard in the Catalan region of Spain for generations, but when their landlord suddenly dies and the heir to the land wants to sell, their land, livelihood, and identity come into question. A depressing depiction of how a family struggles with forced change, Alkarras It deals with themes of family, love and identity.

In a film that focuses on an isolated region of Spain, the music serves as an entry point into the lonely family and their Catalan culture. She moves through Spanish ballads maneuvering – from soulful Spanish pop of the 1950s to Spanish rock of the 1980s, to modern Spanish music including alternative pop and cumbia rhythms. Alkarras The soundtrack works both inside and outside the movie. Listening to this playlist while you’re cooking on Friday night or taking a shower will make you feel like you’ve been magically transported to another world.

3 Creed III

Looks like Michael B.  Jordan is ready to hit the ring in Creed III training footage

Directed by Stephen Capley Jr. and starring Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson, Part III in the creed The series is a powerful and culturally meaningful story. When Apollo Creed is killed by boxer Ivan Drago in a tragic match, Apollo’s son, Adonis, trains to face the infamous figure in a redemption match.

Creed III He investigates the impact of revenge on an individual level while revealing how Adonis comes to terms with his identity as a black man in America. Produced by J Cole’s Dreamville Records, the soundtrack captures the film’s intensity and themes and features hip hop and rap stars including JID, EarthGang, Big Sean, and J Cole himself. The music is powerful and raw, with foot-stamping rhythms that reflect Apollo’s unfiltered ambition and the violence of the world he lives in.

Whether you’re watching in theaters or at home, you won’t be able to help listening to the soundtrack over and over again.

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M3GAN casts
Universal Pictures

For most horror movie fanatics, M3GAN It is a surprisingly fun and modern take on the slasher genre. Where are her ancestors Chucky And Annabel The embodiment of fearsome due to her porcelain skin and antique aesthetic, Megan is fearsome due to her superhuman likeness; At a glance, Megan is completely real — her hair, skin, and face are just like any other girl’s. The only telling is in its animated movements.

The movie is campy, stylish and self-reflective, touching on a plethora of topics relevant to the modern world. Just like the movie, the soundtrack to M3GAN Weird and fun, it takes on a wide variety of song genres that reflect Generation Z’s inclination towards a variety of styles of music. From neo-artistic pop to ’80s rock to glam classics, the soundtrack maintains an intensity that reflects the film’s pent-up angst. Whether you are a movie fan, or fainted at the sight of fake blood, everyone can enjoy the soundtrack of this movie.

1 Pushpa: Height

Motamcity Media

In the past few years, the United States has finally begun to open up to the excellence of Bollywood films. 2023 marked the first year in which a Hindi song won the Academy Award for Best Song, with more and more Bollywood films being shown in US cinemas. during the first weekend, Pushpa: Height It grossed over $1.5 million at the US box office.

Directed by Sukumar and starring big names in Bollywood like Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, Pushpa: Height It follows Pushpa, a day laborer who rises rapidly to power smuggling red sandalwood. An action, crime-thriller, in keeping with the Bollywood aesthetic: with gigantic scales, larger-than-life action sequences, and undeniably gorgeous design and cinematic style, Pushpa It is a fun and insightful movie.

It is written by Devi Sri Prasad, who has worked on some big Bollywood projects including khadi And Sarileru Neekevvaruand the soundtrack Pushpa Undoubtedly a good thing. The song progression reflects the action of the film – from the thrill of Pushpa’s first leap into the smuggling trade to the thrilling sequences where he battles his enemies, to the romance between him and his wife. Its catchy beats and hypnotic melodies make the soundtrack worth a listen.

With a plethora of movies with amazing soundtracks already released, there’s enough song variety to make a good playlist for whatever your mood is in.


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