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Nicolas Cage He is one of those actors who easily gets obsessed with the characters he plays. despite of Renfield Went a bit under the radar and didn’t quite make the impact that was expected There is no doubt that one of the best things about Universal Pictures’ dark comedies is Cage’s portrayal of the famous Count Dracula.

However, it appears the actor has been destined for the role for a long time. Through an Instagram video, director James Wan recommended a movie starring Cage and Nicholas Hoult, while also revealing that he had several conversations with the actor about playing Dracula in the unmade film. Castlevania:

“Renfield is awesome. So much fun!! 2 nixes are great! Cage and I talked several years ago about playing Dracula in (defunct) Castlevania, so it’s great to see he finally gets a chance to play the Prince of Darkness.”

in ReinfeldHowever, the focus is not on the fearsome Dracula but on his assistant who offers a comic vision of the story of Bram Stoker and its characters. The story finds Holt’s character trying to put aside his work for the Count, while figuring out if he can live a life beyond his years of service. However, his master wouldn’t let him go so easily and would try to keep him at any cost.

So Cage puts on an incredible display of his acting skills and all his theatrics to deliver a Dracula that’s as scary as it is fun. Playing the same character in a project, though, would be an entirely different challenge.

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What is Castlevania about?


Back in 2009, it was reported that James Wan would replace Sylvan White, who was tapped to direct Castlevania Produced and written by Paul WS Anderson. the opinion The franchise creator got to help with the script and helm the movie based on the popular video game.

Castlevania It is a massive epic video game created by Konami that follows the story of the Belmont clan, who are determined to take down Dracula. Every 100 years, the famous Count comes back to life and the Belmont family must stop him before he unleashes a wave of death and destruction. The title comes from the union of the words “Castle” and “Transylvania”, the name of the place where the Prince of Darkness lives.

Wan’s film likely followed the same premise with the truly terrifying style that has always characterized the director, featuring a terrifying version of Dracula as opposed to the one played by Cage. Renfield.

In 2017, Netflix released its own adaptation of Castlevania Created by Sam Deats and Warren Ellis, which has already released four seasons. Currently, another show in the form of a sequel is in development, and it will also be seen on the streaming platform.

The new show is titled Castlevania: Nocturnewill adapt to events Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curseand will follow the adventures of Richter Belmont, descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades, and one of the most famous vampire hunters.


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