James Gunn’s superhero movie was recently announced Superman: Legacy It will star David Korenswet as Clark Kent, aka Superman. Rachel Brosnahan has also been cast as Lois Lane, and other main characters in the film are currently being cast. Before these recent castings were announced, this was reported Renfield a star Nicholas Holt She was among the other actors who also auditioned for the role of Superman.

Although Holt didn’t get the role of Clark Kent, he could still be cast in the movie. There were also rumors that it was originally for Lex Luthor before he started auditioning for Superman. While there are other rumored names said to be meant for the part, it seems likely that Holt will be cast as Lex. With that in mind, Instagram post clements.ink has crafted some new digital artwork to imagine what the actor might look like as the supervillain.

You can see the post below.

Several actors have played Lex Luthor in live-action in previous films. Gene Hackman took over the role Superman Films starring Christopher Reeve, while a new incarnation of Kevin Spacey is played in Superman Returns vs. Brandon Routh. In the Snyderverse with Henry Cavill’s Superman, Jesse Eisenberg played Lex. On the small screen, Michael Rosenbaum has been named by James Gunn as “the best Lex,” while other actors who have recently played the role include Jon Cryer (super girl), Titus Welliver (titans) and Michael Cudlitz (Superman and Lois).

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Holt previously spoke about how he also auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne in the Matt Reeves movie Batman, a part that eventually went to Robert Pattinson. While it was obviously a problem to miss out on the iconic role, Holt later realized it was for the best when he saw how Batman turned.

“I think Matt Reeves’ ideas were great and he made a great movie,” Holt said via GQ. And I also think Rob [Pattinson] He did a great job with the character, and I loved seeing him in it. So I don’t think I would have done as well as him in the end. I don’t think I could have adapted to the world Matt created the way Rob did.”

Of course, Holt has experience with Marvel superhero movies, having played Beast in Fox’s X-Men films. Recently, he was a star Renfield, a horror comedy starring Nicolas Cage as Dracula. Heh like other big roles in the works, as he is currently filming Juror #2, a film billed as the final film by director Clint Eastwood. He will also provide the voice of John Arbuckle in the animation Garfield Reboot and has a major role in the remake of Nosferatu.

Time will tell if Holt plays a part in this Superman: LegacyHowever, this movie is expected to be released in 2025.


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