Dear Sirs, Dinner is served. But keep tissues handy. You may need them to cover your mouths from loud laughter. or not. Either way, Hulu’s new game, Drag me to dinnerAnd From the creators/producers Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka He makes a clever if not light-hearted presentation on reality show competition. Where RuPaul offered a platform for drag queens to strut their stuff, here, Harris and Burtka count on their LGBTQ+ friends to bar themselves into the kitchen and dining room for the ultimate celebration. tasting? actually.

With episode titles eg The big bottom, the big top, And Bing-Ho Beach Blanket, Viewers can expect plenty of comedy as a pair of drag queens compete each episode to create the best meal and themed “party” – cocktails, decorations, all. Bianca Del Rio is one of the jury members. Murray Hill steps in with hosting duties. Hanifah Wood (Hello tomorrow) adds some comic zest as the queens compete for an impressive jackpot.

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka shared more about the show with MovieWeb in an exclusive video interview. Note the highlights below.

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Real-life couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka had long planned something like drag me to dinner, which features a host of drag sensations like Jasmine Rice, Trinity the Tuck, Kiki Ball-Change, Morgan McMichaels, and many more.

“We’ve been trying to launch this since before the pandemic,” Harris noted. “We were fans of drag performers and the drag community. And David spent a lot of his time in his late teens and early twenties on the Lower East Side, hanging out with the Queens. I was Hedwig on Broadway for a minute. So, we feel a kinship with the performers. And if he was Anything, we’ve seen a limited range of Queens able to perform on TV on their own terms.”

He has also pondered many competition shows where drag queens are eliminated and he fears they will do something wrong, and then never appear on the show again. “We thought, wouldn’t it be great to create content where they have agency; where they were kind of a co-production and they knew they could present themselves the way they wanted to be seen?” Harris asked rhetorically.

“We love drag shows and competition. For a large part of my life, I’ve been in the lifestyle food world with my Food Network show and have hosted a lot,” Burtka added. So, it seemed like a really good match to pull together into one huge ball of madness. Messy fun.”

“Drag queens are very watchable,” Harris remarked quickly before quipping Burketa: “Well, drag queens are good. Comedy queens really.”

Amazing comedy gold with great queens

Drag me to dinner - 1

As Burtka noted in a video interview, he and Harris felt “lucky” to attract such great talent. “Hulu has been very nice about who we brought to the table. They’d be like, ‘Yeah, we love them. We trust you.'” Our dream team was Bianca, Hanifa, and Murray. Then every single queen we contacted said yes.”

He went on to explain how he and Harris wanted a mix of famous queens and girls they might not really know. “Jackie Pitt and Sherry Vine have been around for ages, but since shows with drag don’t celebrate the older generation, they were able to have it, and I’m so glad Jackie got the recognition she deserves.”

During the reality show’s 10 episodes, the girls do everything from decorating a room to preparing meals. The latter generates a lot of laughter. Host Murray Hill delivers some great lines, too, like, “This is a show where if you find hair, it’s probably synthetic. So don’t swallow.” or “Trinity, where do you see yourself in five years?” To any drag star Trinity The Talk mused, “Maybe my second husband… should run away with the pool boy.”

But wait there’s more. In one episode, Bianca Del Rio commented, “I thought that drink was offensive, and then I saw your faces!” Thistles fly here, my dear. Meanwhile, each group of queens gets two strong men to “help” them in their endeavours. Nice Touch: Trivia and Other Housewife Tips.

“We’ve spent most of our lives creating content that we think people will enjoy,” Harris said of him and Burtka. “with drag me to dinner, We want people to laugh and enjoy themselves. Life is full of a lot of hit and miss. I really thought it would be fun to sit back and enjoy a show where you can be with your friends. You’ll leave your face sore from smiling so much. There’s no denying that drag queens make parties better. We are happy to show that.”

Catch Drag me to dinner Exclusively on Hulu on May 31st.


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