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The ending is found in the final installment of the 1983 comedy classic National spelling leave It wasn’t what was originally intended. The original film was directed by the late Harold Ramis and has spawned three sequels. It is about the Griswold family who are on one of the worst vacations in Filmdom history to Walley World. Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron, who played the Griswold kids in the first movie, talked about it all with Entertainment Weekly.

The way the movie ends now is with the family finally arriving at Wally World after a series of adventures, only to find the park closed. So family patriarch Clark (Chevy Chase) buys a BB gun and forces a security guard played by John Candy to open the garden for them. What Clark was originally going to do was break into the home of park owner Roy Whalley and force him and his cronies to entertain the Griswolds at gunpoint. Baron said:

“Clark obviously has his BB gun, which is always priced still with the string. Then the cops came and the big end is he was going to arrest us, but then Chevy said, ‘Well, you know what happened?’ We just drove Cross country. And Roy is like, ‘I know what it’s like with stinky family and everything.’ So he’s like, ‘Oh, it’s okay. Go to Walley World.’ .

That’s not all. The family was then seen on their way on a plane that was supposed to take them home to Chicago. Only for the plane to announce that it will not be heading to Chicago, which means it was going the wrong way again. Which makes Clark freak out again.

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Other things about the end

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There’s also another rumor that the girl in the red Ferrari (Christie Brinkley), who Clark spends the entire movie lusting after despite her marriage to Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), will be revealed to be Roy’s daughter. According to both Hall and Barron, this is not true and is just a rumour.

“A fan five years ago might have said, ‘Hey, you heard that right.’ So I went, ‘Are you kidding?’ But that’s a great explanation for why she’s in an expensive Ferrari her age and she travels where we’re traveling and ends up going that way.” So it makes sense to me that she would be Roy Whaley’s daughter, but definitely not. That’s just a very clever rumor.”

The consequence of changing the ending was having to go back and shoot a new one. Except, and you might be able to spot this when watching the movie, it was after Hall’s puberty, which Chase was the first to point out and make him “feel a fool about it.” Barron also went from 80 pounds to 96 pounds because of the craft services, so they both look very different. They think so too vacation Shows how audience testing can work. Hall said:

It’s a testament to the shows auditioning. Because we shot that ending, and even though it was funny, they were very wise in listening to the audience. The audition cards came back and they were like, ‘We want to see them make it to Walley World.'” What the hell is the point?” And then we shot what became the finale with John Candy where we got to the park, and everybody was satisfied. The studio was satisfied, and obviously the audience was. And it started what became this franchise.”


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