Back in 1999, years ago poker face And Russian dollNatasha Lyonne starred as Megan Bloomfield in the cult classic Jimmy Babbitt But I am encouraging. The movie follows Megan, a popular high school cheerleader who struggles with her feelings for her boyfriend. Megan’s parents suspect their daughter may be a lesbian, so they choose to send her away to conversion therapy. Once there, Megan befriends Graham Eaton (Clea Duvall) and the two eventually fall in love. The film, which also features Melanie Lynskey, RuPaul, and Cathy Moriarty, opened to mostly negative reviews, but has since amassed a cult following, and is credited with being ahead of its time.

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In a recent interview with The IndependentLyonne recalled when asked if she felt brave to portray an LGBTQ character after her release But I am encouraged:

It was the most offensive thing in the world. Like they say to Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal too, how ‘brave’ she is. F*** you! How dare you say that? Or like, ‘Why are you on the cover of Out magazine With Clea DuVall But You Don’t Know You’re Gay? Like, and f*** you! It’s a cover Out magazine And Clea and I are f***in’ love each other to death. “

Lyon comments on The Independent Similar to the comments you made in a conversation with her But I am encouraging Co-star and close friend of Melanie Lynskey’s diverse. Speaking to the publication, Leon said that she found it “heartening” when the straight actors were praised for “playing gay.”

Lyonne shared her support for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and also expressed her disdain for politics targeting their rights, saying The Independent:

“Trust me, everyone has a hard enough time being human on their own — straight, gay, black and white alike. Like we’re all on this journey together trying to figure out why we’re supposed to work so hard knowing that we eventually die. We All in the same existential problem. So the idea that you’re going to make it more difficult by causing unnecessary suffering? I hate that. I really can’t stand it.”

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Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne reunite for Poker Face

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DuVall and Lyonne, who have remained close since they co-starred But I am encouragingwho recently collaborated with Rian Johnson poker face. The series stars Leon as Charlie Cale, a “human lie detector” who solves crimes as she travels from city to city. A murder-of-the-week series that brings a cameo star in every episode, Peacock featured DuVall in the season 1 finale. Duvall portrayed Charlie’s estranged sister, Emily. The two share a tense exchange that left audiences with questions about their upbringing, but there’s no word on whether DuVall will reprise the role next season. Before that poker faceThe two worked on DuVall’s directorial debut in 2016 to intervene.

poker face It was quickly renewed for a second season, but Johnson recently said filming was “up in the air” in part due to the ongoing writer’s strike. Leon has gained critical praise for her portrayal of Charlie, who seems to be being followed by trouble. about it poker face Leon said:

“She is an optimist by nature. She has the sun on her back and Big Lebowski energy, you know? And when she sees something she feels, she needs to solve the puzzle. Or if she sees that a vulnerable person is being mistreated, she cannot bear the injustice that results from that.”

Fighting injustice seems to be something that both Charlie and Leon are passionate about.


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