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The Man of Steel is preparing to return to the small screen in My Adventures with Supermanan adult anime-style series that premieres this week on Adult Swim and seeks to connect with a more mature audience compared to Superman and Loisthe character’s other current project available on The CW that has a more family-friendly tone.

However, as one of the most iconic heroes in DC mythology, The Last Son of Krypton will soon return to the big screen in Superman: Legacy, the first official movie of the new DCU from James Gunn and Peter Safran. And while this film will seek to usher in a new canon for the franchise, which will also include animated, series, and video game productions, it appears there will be common ground between the upcoming Clark Kent and the one in My Adventures with Superman.

After announcing his first Phase 1 DCU project titled Gods and monstersGunn revealed some of the comics that inspired him to build the new path that DC Studios would take was one of the main ones All-star Supermanone of the titles that Jack Quaid drew inspiration to build his version of the character for the new animated series, he revealed. boys star collider:

“Oh yeah, sure. I read All Stars Superman, it was a huge inspiration. I think with this one you can really see just how true this character really is. Superman For All Seasons is doing something similar. Those two were really big inspirations for my marketing of Superman. What I liked In this version it’s that he’s Clark first, you know. He starts off like Clark isn’t the one to put him up in order to be more attractive or to make people look down on him. Like that’s who he is deep down, still figuring out who Superman is, all the while manipulating him Being an apprentice at a newspaper, and desperately wanting to be a reporter too, which I think is pretty cool.”

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What is All Star Superman?

DC Comics

The comic was published between 2005 and 2008, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by artist Frank Quite, and sought to give the character a new and different story. Far from telling his origin story, the plot finds Superman actually acting as a hero, once again saving the world from Lex Luthor’s evil plans.

However, when he saves a team attacked by a Luthor clone during their search and exploration of the sun’s vicinity, Kal-El suffers from his cells’ overexposure to solar energy, which gives him new energy but also begins slowly killing him.

With his life on the line, Superman decides not to reveal his tragic fate but confesses his true identity to Lois Lane. She doesn’t believe him at first, so he decides to take her to the Fortress of Solitude and makes her drink a liquid that will give her abilities similar to his for 24 hours to help him fight crime.

For his crimes, Lex Luthor lands in prison and Clark visits him to meet him, and there the villain confesses that Superman is dying until the journalist publishes it, not knowing that they are the same person. After Luthor and his ally Solaris are arrested, after the former’s escape from prison, Clark writes the story of Superman’s death but dies while finishing it.

However, Zor-El offers him a chance to return to life, which he does to save Earth one last time, leaving open the possibility of his return. Superman: Legacy It probably won’t adapt the plot faithfully, but it will require some relevant elements to build its story.


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