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The first glimpse of a film crew is always a fraught moment in any film production. The question of whether fans will be on board with selection decisions is usually answered pretty early on, after which it’s hard to undo the initial reaction. In case Mortal Kombat 2To pour Karl Urban Since Johnny Cage has already been given the seal of approval by many, and yesterday’s reveal of the full cast together had the internet buzzing over Urban even before he fully took on the role.

The shot shared by the film’s producer Todd Garner, revealing the franchise’s “new friends and old friends,” created a stir of its own, but then fans started noticing Urban’s clean-shaven face and frosted-tip hair and immediately jumped on his appearance as a sneak peek at what his version would look like. From Johnny Cage in the movie. You can check out reactions to Urban’s look below.

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despite of Mortal Kombat Not quite reaching the heights of some recent video game adaptations, the movie did enough to ensure the franchise would continue and that means a bigger and better sequel. The potential success of the blockbuster fighting game reboot in 2021 has been hampered by the Covid pandemic, and that’s something that was clearly considered when the sequel was greenlighted. With Simon McQuoid returning to Direct, we can probably expect Mortal Kombat 2 To pretty much follow the same line as the first movie.

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Will Mortal Kombat 2 be an even bigger sequel?

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There are all expectations Mortal Kombat 2 It will deliver something bigger and more elaborate to screens than its predecessor, with a number of new cast members joining those returning to their previous roles. Returning to the sequel are Cole Young’s Lois Tan, Sonya Blade’s Jessica McNamee, Kano’s Josh Lawson, Jax’s Mahcad Brooks, Raiden Tadanobu Asano, Liu Kang Ludi Lin, Shang Tsung-Shin Han, Sub-Zero’s Joe Tasleem, and Sub-Zero’s Hiroyuki Sanada. Scorpion.

The sequel certainly didn’t hold back from expanding that cast, with Urban’s Johnny Cage being just one of the classic characters joining the fight. Martyn Ford recently joined the production as Shao Kahn, along with Desmond Chiam as King Jerrod, Tati Gabriel as Jade, Adeline Rudolph as Kitana, Anna Thu Nguyen as Queen Cyndel, and Damon Harriman as Quan Chi.

The film’s production appears to be moving forward despite the current writer’s strike, and while a possible actor’s strike could throw a wrench in the works, things seem to be picking up. Mortal Kombat 2 as a possible 2024 release, although the actual release date has not been revealed yet. with 2021 Mortal Kombat After delighting many fans, and the arrival of Johnny Cage and a number of other popular video game characters, the sequel looks set to be another hit and could be the blockbuster that the first film could have been without the sequels. epidemic.


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