Michael Shannon He reprises his role as General Zod V the lightsomething he had previously talked about enjoying after he seemed to be done with the next turn man of steel. However, the actor spoke out in a recent interview about the offer he got to appear on star Wars The movie comes back in 2016, which he turned down for a very specific reason; He didn’t want to be a part of something he called “mindless entertainment.”

Some might argue that there is very little difference between star Wars Movies and comic book movies in terms of the kind of fantasy entertainment they provide, which immediately raises questions about Shannon’s mind. However, in an interview with Empire Magazine, the actor said:

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“I’m always a little worried about those giant films. Because they take a lot of time and I don’t find them very motivating to work on. I never want to get stuck in a franchise. I find them interesting and I don’t want to perpetuate them. If I’m making something, I want it to be there.” Kind of its purpose—I don’t want to make mindless entertainment. The world doesn’t need more mindless entertainment. We’re obsessed with it.”

Of course, Shannon’s thoughts on the “mindless” world star Wars And other big franchise films are nothing new, with many directors publicly criticizing the likes of the MCU for destroying cinema and killing their industry… by being the highest-grossing movies at the box office. Go and deduce.

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Michael Shannon was happy but confused to return as Zod in The Flash.

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Michael Shannon’s Past Comments About Her Returning As General Zod V the light Don’t completely sit with his opinions on star Wars franchise and other big movies. While the actor noted his initial confusion when asked again, once he grasped the multiverse angle, it became clearer. Perhaps knowing this was a one-off helped him decide to come back. He said of his return:

“I was a bit confused. As memory serves me, I think I died in Man of Steel. Are they sure they got the right guy? But then they explained the whole multiverse phenomenon to me, which… I was a little late at the time.” I can’t say I’m a huge consumer of these kind of movies – I don’t have anything against them. If I were to watch a movie, chances are it wouldn’t be one of those, but I sure would love to make them.”

the light It’s set to be one of the biggest movies of the summer, having recently earned a good 73% score from Rotten Tomatoes and continuing to build hype around Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. Whether any of these reviewers have seen the version that will actually hit theaters next week remains to be seen, with Warner Bros. Still not showing the full final cut of the movie at screenings.


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