Summer always proves to be the time for a charming upcoming movie and semi-indie scene Michael Cera He is set to return in a new upcoming movie of this genre. According to a report from Collider, the first official trailer for the light-hearted family drama grown ups It’s Fallen, featuring a warm but relatable story of family tension between siblings separated by questionable life choices. However, their awkward, overdue reunion between the three of them brings them closer again in ways they didn’t expect.

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grown ups is a comedy-drama film directed by Dustin Jay Diva, who wrote and directed the project. While he has so far been mostly known for his short film work, Deva previously directed the film person to personwhich also starred Michael Cera with Tavi Gevinson (gossip girl), Abby Jacobson (resentment), and Philip Baker Hall (The last word). The producers on the film are Julia Thompson, John Reed, Alison Rose Carter, Ted Schaefer, Hannah Dweck, and lead actor Michael Cera. Starring with Hannah Gross (mindhunter), Sophia Lillis (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves) and Wavyy Jones.

The premise of the film revolves around a young man named Eric (Michael Cera), who has a disturbing addiction to playing poker that has alienated him from much of his family, namely his sisters Rachel (Hannah Gross) and Maggie (Sophia Lillis). After the death of their mother and Eric’s personal escape from grief for three long years, Rachel’s relationship with him has been particularly strained since then. However, the younger, more ambitious Maggie enthusiastically welcomes the reunion and does everything she can to repair the camaraderie between the three of them.

A first-hand look at three brothers who desperately need to reconnect

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The trailer opens with Eric (Cera) meeting his older sister, Rachel (Gross), at home for the first time in three years, and from the get-go she drags him through the mud due to his long absence from the family. She called him not knowing she dyed her hair a year ago, because he didn’t offer Facetime or Skype either. He also meets up with his old friends, who are now married with children, and ask how everything is with his family. He laments that Rachel is living alone, while Maggie tried to study for a while and then quit.

Aggie opens up to him about how Rachel has been coping with, or rather not coping with, their mother’s death, dealing with bouts of depression that seem to be exacerbated by someone named Nathan. Eric then feels like bonding again with Rachel, and decides to extend his short trip and stay home with her. They excel at such trivial things as housework, and Eric still sneaks out to play poker night with his friends, but finds ways to start reconnecting with both of his sisters that ultimately bring them closer at a time when they need him most.

After premiering at the Berlin Film Festival back in February, grown ups It will premiere later this year at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, before premiering in theaters on August 18.


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