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While his daytime talk show has finished taping new episodes, Maury Povich She still plans to help make sure parents know if they’re doing it We are the father. Last year, Povich announced he was retiring from daytime television, as Morey It will end after a 31-season run. Povich’s constant presence on the small screen over the past three decades has made him one of television’s most popular stars, and things just aren’t the same without him revealing the results of a paternity test to feuding parents. The good news for fans is that Povich intends to get these results out to people, but they will have to take the test themselves at home.

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According to TMZ, it was revealed that Povich is launching his own brand of at-home DNA paternity tests. Inspired by his talk show, the brand is named “The Results Are There”. We can only assume that the box will have Povich’s familiar face on it so that users can feel like they’re part of the TV show when taking the test. While the art of the box hasn’t been revealed yet, what is known is that the test kits will include materials and instructions on how to properly take a DNA sample. The samples will then be sent to the DNA Diagnostic Center lab, and results will be provided within 2-23 business days with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Of course, one of the main differences is that there is no nationwide audience watching as the DNA test results are revealed. The audition is completely confidential, and is the direct opposite of a studio audience of millions of viewers doing at home. But since Povich has long been synonymous with paternity test results, users may still feel like they’re going for the better option by opting for “results are in” for at-home testing.

“I’ve seen firsthand how DNA testing can change lives and bring families together,” Povich says in a statement. “With Results Provided, we are making it easier and more affordable than ever for people to get the answers they need.”

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Maury Povich wrapped up his TV show in 2022

NBC Universal

Povich, now 84, personally decided it was time to end Morey Last year after 31 seasons. He revealed that he actually planned to retire several years ago before he was convinced by NBCUniversal executives to stay longer. After signing another deal, Povich stuck to staying away from the TV show, though we now know, that doesn’t mean he’ll stop working entirely.

“Six years ago when I was getting ready to retire, my NBCUniversal family asked me to continue the show,” Povich explained in a statement at the time. Tracie Wilson and my 100-plus staff and crew members and I agreed to another deal. I am very proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all of those who worked on it Morey Show but as I tell my guests sometimes Morey‘Enough already!'”


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