Crystal Dynamics adds more new skins to the game marvel avengers which will arrive for free in the last big patch of the game which will be released on March 31st. Avengers: Endgame suit, while the black panther transforms into a real giant cat.

As noted by the game Twitter According to the account, Black Panther’s Earth X costume is from the comic series “Earth X” where exposure to Terrigen mutates T’Challa and turns him into a human-cheetah hybrid. The short clip in the tweet shows this mutant hero in action and pairs him with a Capwolf version of Captain America and a Werehawk version of Hawkeye.

Captain America also receives two new spins on Captain America Avengers: Endgame leather. One is the helmetless variant, and the other is the armor from the film’s climactic end. While the latter looks very similar to the basic version of game over suit it It made its way into the game in June 2021This latest rendition is only dirtier and darker. The studio began releasing various types of unprocessed skins in late 2022which many criticized for being too expensive.

Crystal Dynamics has not confirmed if another skin will be coming to the game in its final core update. However, it has announced new costumes (one each for Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor) every other day this week so far. that Artist portfolio and detailed information Also refers to the team adding a mohawk variant of Hawkeye Avengers: Endgame outfit that last day.


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