Just as there have been many Batmans throughout film and television history, there have also been many versions of Batman joker. Mark Hamill, who is best known as the main protagonist of the original version star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker, is one of the great actors who had the opportunity to play the Clown Prince of Crime.

Created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, the iconic villain first appeared in the 1940’s comic book Batman, and has since become one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. Off the pages, his first appearance dates back to 1966, when he was played by Cesar Romero in the live-action Batman series.

Since then, he’s become a familiar face in both movies and TV shows, be it live action or animation. Actors like Jack Nicholson or, more recently, Joaquin Phoenix, have given their bodies to bring him to life, but there is one person who has had the opportunity to embody him on several occasions, and that is Mark Hamill.

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The first time Hamill lent his voice to the Joker was in 1992, in Famous Batman: The Animated Series, becoming one of the fans’ favorite interpreters for The Dark Knight’s nemesis. And one of the main reasons is his distinctive laugh.

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Mark Hamill is called upon to do the Laughing Joker all the time

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In his recent appearance on The Wired Autocomplete Interview, Hamill shared a top tip for performing the Joker’s famous laugh, admitting it’s one of the things fans have been asking for the most:

“I was asked this. I’ll be at the grocery store. It could be Toys ‘R’ Us.” Laugh. Laugh. Well, first of all you need to warm up. It’s like a car engine. If you just rip, you’ll hurt your throat. Additionally, there is no hidden way to do this. So, I’m standing at Toys R Us laughing maniacally and people are like, throwing me a look of concern, “What is that old man doing to that poor 10-year-old?” But I’m being asked to do it a lot.”

In 2019, the actor got the chance to play another character with an iconic laugh, just as terrifying and scary as the Joker. Hamill starred in the movie remake of baby playHe gives his voice to Chucky the Killer Doll.

As for the future of DC villain, Joaquin Phoenix’s version will be the first to return to the big screen in 2024 Joker: Folly a docswhere Lady Gaga will also be introduced as Harley Quinn, and will be a musical.

In one of his last scenes, Batman He also introduced his version of the villain, played by Eternal star Barry Keoghan. At the moment, it is unknown if the actor will return for the sequel or if it will be another of the Caped Crusader villains Robert Pattinson will face in the next chapter directed by Matt Reeves.


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