Cult-centric horror films can be tough to watch — but they’re all the more rewarding, especially for scary movie fanatics. And speaking of – who remembers the little gem called The last shift? The 2014 Manson-inspired cult film centered around a transitional police officer assigned to wait for Team Hazmat to pick up biohazardous waste from the station’s armory. But unbeknownst to her, a cult leader has been haunting the department ever since he and two of his followers died by suicide a year ago…

Now enter Malomwhich comes out on Friday and reimagines it last shift, Expanding the filmmakers’ vision of nightmare-inducing horror. On a quest to uncover the mysterious circumstances of her father’s death, newly appointed police officer, Jessica (Jessica Sola), to the recent shift in a decommissioned police station where a notoriously evil cult saw its demise years earlier. The only female officer on the station at night, she soon finds herself in a barrage of terrifying paranormal events and, in the process, is taken on a journey during which she learns the shocking truth behind her family’s involvement with a crazed cult leader.

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We recently met with the director Anthony DiBlasi – who co-wrote and directed both Malom And The last shift – and actress Jessica Sola. They discuss the creative process behind tackling the horror and this gory, blood-soaked scene that viewers will never forget. Read our exclusive interview below.

Expansion in the last shift

MW: What inspired you to reimagine and expand on it The last shift?

Anthony DiBlasi: You know, I love the first movie, I was very happy with it. [Co-writer] Scott [Poiley] And it kind of did everything we went for it [Last Shift]. And when Luke and I hopped on a call together, he was like, “How about revisiting this world?” And I think he saw something in the nature that I always hoped this first movie would have been — I really made this movie for the horror fans, and I wanted the fans to see it in the theater because I knew it was kind of a crowd pleaser. But she didn’t go that route, and she didn’t play, besides doing a few festivals.

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We did [Last Night] For such a low budget, we had to leave a lot on the table. So it was tempting for me, like, “Well, I don’t want to do a remake of this movie […] But just try to make it a bigger, more inclusive world for the audience, bring in more horror and more character development.”

MW: Jessica, I know you’ve been in the area around horror projects (split, she screams, etc.). what it was Malom Which first attracted you to the project?

Jessica Sola: Well, I was kind of nervous at first. I feel like I’m kind of hesitant because I didn’t know if I could do it. Much of it seemed daunting, stressful at times, and emotional […] So I think at first I was kind of hesitant about how much a character has to go through, prepare for it and hopefully be dynamic.

I also hadn’t had a job in a while and felt really rusty, not knowing what I was really doing with my life. So I was a little hesitant […] There’s a lot of room for acting, and it’s a weird marathon of things. I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I chatted with Anthony, and we really got along […] After chatting, I felt a little safer. And Anthony really likes to nurture and show off a character.

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MW: Did any of the previous directors or films inspire how you wanted this movie to be and The last shift to look or feel?

Anthony DiBlasi: For [Last Shift]there Attack on District 13this must be one […] But with this, there is evil, which I love. Like the elements of mystery eviland the evil dead Remake – It’s good effects and gore, heightened sense of reality, and it was dark at times. I believe with MalomI hope people get that kind of suspense, but also that kind of emotional journey with Jessica’s character, and that they can come out with her to kind of feel something besides feeling scared.

Filming “Covered in Blood”

Welcome to Villain Films

MW: Are you interested in a sequel to Malomor even a secondary movie?

Anthony DeBlasi: I hope so. I mean, I think if the audience responds to it really well, I think we set this up in a way where we can tell more stories and explore them further. […] We’ll see if we can afford the next one.

MW: Was there a particular scene that was particularly challenging or fun to shoot?

Anthony DiBlasi: When is Jessica covered in blood? that day?

Jessica Sola: Yes. That was a combination of “difficult” and, I suppose, “interesting.” But at the same time, it was really fun. Everyone was ready to watch me […] That was the pinnacle of my shooting career [laughs]…and then you realize that once you jump a lot of blood on the set, everything else after that becomes a really sore in the ass […] But yeah, that was exciting.

From Welcome Villain Films, Malom Opens in theaters today, March 31.


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