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Last year’s San Diego Comic-Con delivered a number of big days thanks to announcements from the likes of Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. And more people who struggle for attention. However, this year it looks like Con will continue without many of its big guns as many of the biggest studios will not be attending this year’s event.

according to diverse, after navigating the Covid pandemic and managing to come back in 2022 with a huge event that seemed to well and truly put the previous years in the past, one of the biggest Comic-Con events in the world is now under pressure again as the studios that brought out the biggest announcements for last year’s Con have already withdrawn from repeat performance. The list of those who apparently won’t appear includes Disney, which by proxy means Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, HBO, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Netflix. Meanwhile, the report notes that Warner Bros. Discovery has yet to decide on an appearance, but with a new DCU to promote, it could be a huge mistake for them to pass up the opportunity to take center stage.

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The main reason behind the mass walkout is due to the uncertainty in the industry at the moment from the WGA writer’s strike, which still appears to have no end in sight, and the possibility that the end of this month could see SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP fail to agree on terms and lead to a strike. actors too by the time SDCC arrives. With the very real possibility that studios attending the event could be left without anyone to actually speak on their panels, it’s not surprising to see such a lack of commitment shown.

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Who will appear at SDCC 2023?

Marvel Studios

Currently there are still some major studios planning to bring out the big guns for SDCC audiences. Although Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t decided whether to bring anything to the party, so the brand new Max is expected to bring some news about upcoming anime titles. This may include news film Season 2, so that’s something to look forward to.

Elsewhere, Paramount Pictures committed to bringing in a painting of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mayhem, but there’s been no word on whether there will be anything from Paramount+. NBC seems poised to show up as long as the actor’s strike doesn’t move forward, which will likely go for Peacock’s streaming arm as well, and Amazon and Apple TV+ still have to make their intentions clear.

One thing that was made clear was that whatever might come of a representative’s strike, SDCC would move forward. said spokesman David Glanzer diverse:

“In terms of the strike and its potential effects at Comic-Con, we tend to refrain from speculation or prediction. I will say, our hope is to come up with a quick resolution that is win-win for all parties and allows everyone to continue doing what they love. Until then, we continue to work hard on our summer event hopefully. Make it as fun, educational and festive as in years past.”

Expect to learn more about SDCC schedules as early as July, by which time the contract negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP will have reached a conclusion for better or for worse.


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