Movie piracy is certainly nothing new, but the arrival of the Internet has certainly made it a much bigger problem than when it involved the sale of VHS tapes on market stalls and backrooms. However, there have been several efforts recently to clamp down on the problem, with many websites being shut down or blocked by internet providers. Now, the operator of two illegal streaming sites has been sued, with Disney, Netflix, Universal and more being awarded $30 million and shutting down the sites permanently.

Hollywood Reporter He explained that Dwayne Johnson — not that Dwayne Johnson — owner of AllAccessTV (AATV) and Quality Restreams agreed to a settlement with the powerful collaborative lawsuit, which also included other mega studios like Warner Bros. And Apple and Paramount, which saw him agree to it. An 8-figure payout plus an injunction banning Johnson from participating in any service with hacking links.

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Both subscription services included live channels as well as a number of VOD channels filled with movies and TV shows from multiple studios. The subscription service also allowed access to a number of paid networks and services such as Cinemax, NBC, and HBO for $25 per month with the optional extra of paying another $15 per month for VOD. According to the report, only one of the services was said to earn Johnson $3 million annually.

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Live streaming has seen a rise in piracy volumes.

Marvel Studios

When the Covid pandemic arrived, it instigated an exponential increase in the amount of streaming platforms like Disney+, Paramount+, and others, along with a massive increase in movie piracy. When films skipped theatrical releases and headed straight to streaming, perfect versions of some of the biggest blockbusters immediately began flooding bootleg sites and video sharing pages. According to statistics released in April 2020, illegal sites have seen traffic increase by more than 40% in many countries around the world.

In 2021, an MCU movie is released Black Widow It highlighted the dangers of “Day and Date” releases, when films were released via VOD on the same day they were shown in theaters. According to Disney, Black Widow He lost about $600 million in profits due to the level of piracy of the movie. The Scarlett Johansson-led Marvel movie was said to have been pirated more than 20 million times by the end of August of that year, with HD and 4K copies of the film spread across the world via pirated download sites.

While the influx of movies a few weeks after their theatrical release continued to see the box office struggle to reach pre-pandemic levels, it’s clear that the battle to make sure movie piracy doesn’t plague the problem further is one that’s well underway and being won. by studios. Although there are still plenty of other video hacking sites on the internet, their owners may look over their shoulders in the future.


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