Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power It’s received a lot of hate online since it premiered on Prime Video last fall. Some of this negative backlash was guaranteed, as some fans were unhappy with the show’s writing quality or the changes made when JRR Tolkien’s stories were brought to the screen. However, some of it was completely gratuitous and racist backlash that argued that people of color weren’t in Tolkien’s writing, so they shouldn’t be in the show. The latter is so stupid that we will not deal with it further.

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It is clear to see that rings of power He left a lot of hardcore Tolkien’s Lord of the rings Fans are not satisfied. Set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, the series tells the story of Sauron’s rise to power and the legions of free peoples who unite to stop him. introduction Fellowship of the Ring It most likely depicts the events of this show’s final season.

The series only has rights to the stories that are at Tolkien’s core Lord of the rings Trilogy and appendices that are included at the end The return of the kingand as such cannot withdraw directly from Tolkien’s other works such as The SilmarillionAnd Unfinished Tales or the History of Middle-earth books. This tied the creative team’s hands a bit, but they still managed to deliver a series that kept the heart of Tolkien’s work intact. Here are seven aspects of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power That the show was right in its first season:

The look and feel of Middle Earth

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No matter how you feel about writing or storytelling rings of powerThere’s no denying that the show looks beautiful. It translates almost perfectly to the screen the beauty and elegance of Tolkien’s Middle-earth, while paying homage to the look of Peter Jackson’s films and bringing his own distinct flavor to the sets and overall design of the series. Whether it be the glorious dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dûm, the poisonous devastation of Mordor, or the shores of Aman and the blessed realm of Valinor, the look and feel of Middle-earth is more magnificent than ever.

Looking beyond the production design and visual effects, the series’ cinematography is also stunning. Most of the shots in the series present the story in a visually interesting way, but there’s also a handful of real artifacts, like the establishing shot of the two trees of Valinor or the depiction of a nameless elf confronting a Balrog on top of a mountain.


Sophia Nomphet as Disa in Rings of Power
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Another essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of building the atmosphere of a fantasy world is the music. After Howard Shore did a great job with Jackson’s music Lord of the rings Trilogy, the bar is set high for whoever’s stepping in to do the music for it rings of power. While Shore returned to compose the opening theme for the show, the rest of the music was written by acclaimed composer Bear McCreary, who somehow managed to live up to the high expectations that were set for him.

Throughout the entire series, it was music rings of power Never stop being an amazing inspiration. It’s more than just different chords of beautiful melodies. Whether it be for the heroics of Númenor, the darkness of Sauron or the riddle of Halbrand, McCreary has meticulously crafted his score to allow a variety of themes to intertwine and convolve to serve different purposes. The series’ story is played out as vividly in the music as it is on the screen, which speaks volumes about McCreary’s talents.

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Benjamin Walker as Gil Glad in The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power
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casting to rings of power It was a very difficult task. Not only would the new actors joining the series need incredible acting chops to portray these Tolkien characters, but they also had to have the thick skin to deal with the constant hatred of Internet trolls. Furthermore, Jackson’s staff the Lord of the Rings is an iconic icon, which leaves the new cast some huge shoes to fill. Whether it’s with characters making their on-screen debut for the first time, or characters that had to be recreated from Jackson’s films, the performers were handpicked. rings of power perfect for their roles.

Morfydd Clark runs the entire series as Galadriel, Robert Aramayo wonderfully embodies Elrond’s kindness, Ishmael Cruz Cordova is one of the brightest points in the show as Elf Arondir, and the rest of the cast ranging from Lloyd Owen to Owain Arthur, Cynthia Addai Robinson, Benjamin Walker and many more all fit right in. for their roles. More than a great deal of our excitement for season two depends solely on seeing them as these characters again.

Easter eggs for fans

Earendil's statue stands over Numenor in The Rings of Power
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despite of rings of power The stories of the Second Age may change Middle-Earth in some unexpected directions, the series has retained the desire to excite fans with connections to the larger world of Middle-Earth. Each episode of the series is filled with a number of easter eggs that are sure to please ardent fans of Tolkien’s material. Some of these references are easy to spot, while others are slyly hidden in the deep background of some of the shots.

Some of the more obvious references are the inclusion of Morgoth and the Two Trees of Valinor (Laurelin and Telperion) in the series’ prologue, as well as the statue of Eärendil on the shores of Númenor, which evokes the same appearance as Argonath in the Lord of the Rings. Some deeper cut Easter eggs include various depictions of Lúthien Tinúviel, both in statue and tapestry, as well as the sword Narsil and the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin appearing among Númenor’s heirlooms.


Lloyd Owen as Captain Ellendale in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
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Speaking of Númenor, the depiction of the island kingdom of men is also one of the best parts of the game rings of power. The world of Westernesse, as it’s also known, is one of the main pillars of the overarching story of Tolkien’s Legendarium. The island was a gift from the Valar to the Dúnedain men of Beleriand as thanks for their part in resisting Morgoth throughout the First Age conflict and the War of Wrath. This kingdom is meant to represent men at the height of their strength and prowess in Tolkien’s world. However, as time goes by, the Westernesse men falter, becoming suspicious of the Valar and growing proud, which ultimately leads to their downfall.

rings of powerNúmenor’s portrayal is everything it should be. The writing on that story is some of the series’ strongest, the visual depiction of Kingdom is spot on, and all of the actors involved give some of the best performances on the show. If you are on the fence about watching rings of power Absolutely, the Númenorean aspects of the show alone make it worth the commitment.

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Don’t try to be Peter Jackson movies

Galadriel and Hallbrand in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
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rings of power It was very easy to be a cheap knockoff Lord of the rings Films directed by Jackson in the early 2000s. Fortunately, the show’s creative team made a wise decision to make their show markedly different from Jackson’s films. While the series’ visuals certainly take some inspiration from the work done in the films, they don’t overtly copy anything.

The same goes for the story structure and the general approach of the characters. Instead of constantly trying to remind fans of the movies they actually love, rings of power Focuses on his own story and the way that story should be told. Granted, this story might be sped up a bit and poorly executed at times, but that’s still better than a bad imitation of something that’s already been done before.

Prepare to make changes

Goblin and Balug fight in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
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As much as some die-hard fans refuse to accept, changes must be made when adapting any kind of source material to another medium, be it small or large. Even Jackson Lord of the rings The films have made some significant changes to the story Tolkien wrote. Considering how the stories of the Second Age of Middle-earth unfold on the page, that wouldn’t have translated well into a series or movie at all. It may work on the page, but there are some key changes that need to be made when adapting that material for rings of power.

Whether it’s a condensation of the timeline of events, which spans thousands of years in Tolkien’s writing, or the active role that Galadriel plays in the story, rings of power Show a consistent willingness to adjust the story when needed. Yes, this may displease some fans, but it does put the show on more stable ground in terms of visuals and on-screen storytelling. The creative team has proven that they aren’t afraid to make these kinds of changes in order to serve the story they’re telling, which hopefully bodes well for the long-term quality of the series.


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