Spoiler alert: the listWhat’s so beautiful about Mark Milhaud food menu Is that people are still trying to answer the main question they have been asking since they saw the movie: Why? Why did Chef Julian Slowik do what he did? Theories abound, but none seem satisfactory to everyone. When people say it’s because he wants to eradicate the elitist culture of gastronomy powerhouses, others say it’s not enough. Even when Slowik says he’s lost his passion, people can’t believe such an amazing artist could come up with this. They can’t accept the fact that they also snub a sarcastic comment about a very strange industry where subjectivity isn’t allowed.

Whichever explanation you come up with, we can all say it was a gut-wrenching moment when Slowik actually revealed that he meant everything he said. Was it a bullet? Was it chopping fingers? Or is it really just having dinner with an exclusive menu? These kinds of events aren’t unusual in real life, certainly not with an outcome like this, but we’re sure some connoisseurs of fine dining would subject themselves to something like this. For exclusivity, anything. until death.

On that note, we’ve taken the liberty of ranking the deaths in the movie. With almost no violence but a large body count, food menu Be sure to leave an impression on us. Both as a horror movie and a reason not to become connoisseurs of fine dining.

6 Elsa grudge

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For those of us who are already in favor of teaching Chef Slowik these arrogant men and women a lesson, Elsa’s death was kind of boring. Elsa, who was brilliantly played by Hong Zhao, became a victim of jealousy. After learning that Slowik has formed a bond with Margot, Elsa attempts to punish Margot in a very physical fight as they attempt to stab each other. Seconds after Margot stabs her in the throat, Elsa continues to remind her of the reason for her decision to try and kill her. We really think Elsa deserved better.

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5 Tyler punishes himself

Nicholas Hoult as Tyler Ledford in The Menu by Mark Millhaud
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Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) is the baddest character in the movie. There is no way to discuss it. After Slowik reveals that everyone will die by the end of the night, he also reveals that Tyler knew everything. Regardless, he invites Margot to come over because Slowik’s doesn’t allow solo diners. As Tyler shows no guilt for the situation he put Margot in, Slowik asks him to make a meal. He does, but the results are embarrassing. He has failed his Lord. Sloick whispers something in his ear, and Tyler slowly retires. Disappointed, he decides to commit suicide by hanging himself.

4 Doug Virick is drowning in the stakes.

Customers and employees watching a hawthorn investor take the plunge.
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Viric’s death is a show of strength. We don’t meet him closely. The scene goes like this. After a few surprising moves, Slowik reveals that he had to give the restaurant away to an investor because of the pandemic. The name of this investor is Doug Virick. He does own a Slowik, but in his words “things are a little more complicated”. When he turns on the lights outside, the diners see Ferrick suspended by cables above the water. Angel wings protrude from his back and his hands are tied. The guests stare in shock, realizing the seriousness of the situation. Slowik demands “fallen angel,” Elsa makes the signal, and Ferik slowly sinks into the water, desperately trying to breathe.

3 Jeremy, the sous chef who died for art

Menu So Chef Jeremy
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After Slowik makes first contact with Margot because she tells him the food was okay, he reveals that she wasn’t meant to be there. Seconds later, the chefs laid a piece of cloth on the ground along with some branches. It’s time for the next cycle, created by Jeremy, called Chaos. Slowik starts talking about Jeremy, subtly mocking him, while standing in the middle of the white board on the floor. Jeremy admits he doesn’t love his life. He also admits that he is not living a sloick’s life.

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After Supreme Leader Jeremy kisses him on both cheeks, he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the mouth, causing chaos in the restaurant. But relax, because Slowik says it’s part of the show. At this point, no one can really know if it’s all real or just staged. Amidst the confusion, they are all served with a platter consisting of pressure-cooked vegetables, grilled filet mignon, potato confit, and beef and bone marrow. what is it called? Chaos of course.

2 Chef Julian and his followers

Chef Slowik watches his staff prepare the dishes.
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In the movie’s final sequence, Slowik accomplished everything he was pushing for. The message has been sent and delivered. Margot is released after Slowik first makes a passion. But it’s dessert time. As the chefs prepare the restaurant with ingredients that are dumped on the floor and on the bodies of the remaining diners, Slowik says they need to be cleaned up. Slowik’s last words are “I love you all!” He says these to his assistants. Of course, they love him back and Sloick torches himself and his restaurant, taking everyone else with him.

1 The rest of the diners

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We’ve become familiar with the cast of characters who were unfortunate enough to be in Slowik’s last send-up. The famous chef has already said that he does not intend to let anyone live, but he lets Margot go. Our last ray of hope vanishes as the chef begins preparing the rest of the dinners, dressing them like marshmallows with chocolate caps and crushed crackers. Slowik gives his last words and lights everything on fire.

Want to guess the course? Yes, this is correct. It’s s’more, plus the ingredients include customers, staff, and the entire restaurant.

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