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James Gunn Reveal more about the current status of the transmission Superman: LegacyAnd this time he went into much more detail than just a one-line Twitter post. While appearing on The Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, the topic of the internet’s biggest question came up – when will we know who plays the new DCU Superman?

Gunn clearly isn’t ready to reveal this nugget just yet, but he did go into a lot of detail about why he’s not participating in discussions about rumor casting, and how the many “nonsensical” stories on the internet can make it difficult for the actors who have been reported. that they were auditioning for the role. He said:

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“Now that we’ve done a lot of testing, we’re narrowing it down. We’re not done yet. By the way — there’s a lot of stories out there about who we’re testing and all these screen tests. I’m just saying it’s not all right, that’s for sure. There are things that are completely wrong inside, but I can’t just come out and say “Oh that’s not right, that’s not right” without going through it all. And by the way, not the audience – at this point, I don’t think it’s anyone’s job screen-testing for a role. That’s something very special. It has to be Journalists have to do what they have to do. That’s their job. They try to get results that work. They find out some things from the agencies, but the problem is they find out some things from the agencies that might be true. They find out other things from the agencies, which are agencies that pay their clients and try to boost them , like “I think my clients are testing!” There’s a lot of shit that comes out of it, and it’s hard, because there are people out there who are supposed to be testing who aren’t, and that must be hard for them as people. And there are other people who are probably testing…and I think it’s something special between me and them.”

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Who will lead the DCU in Superman: Legacy?

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This is the question everyone wants an answer to, and the entire internet is speculating wildly. Besides the upcoming casting of Marvel’s Fantastic Four, not a week went by without him being “attached” to another actor for the dual role of Clark Kent and Superman in James Gunn’s revamped franchise.

To date, there have been several stars who have reportedly tried out for the role of Superman including David Korrenswaite and Nicholas Hoult as just two of the “front-runners” to follow in Henry Cavill’s footsteps as the Man of Steel. However, who will get the role isn’t close to being revealed by scoopers, insiders, or anyone else at the moment, and it looks set to stay that way until Gunn says otherwise. For now, guesswork is the name of the game, and nothing more.


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