Leandro De Niro Rodrigueza budding actor and the grandson of a Hollywood star Robert De Niro, He died. According to TMZ, Rodriguez was living in a house in New York City on a Sunday afternoon when he was stumbled upon by a friend who he hadn’t heard from in a few days. The cause of death has not been officially announced yet. Young actor who appeared in movies Maxim Cabaret And A star is bornHe was only 19 years old.

“My beautiful sweet angel,” Leandro’s mom, Drina De Niro, said of the tragic news in an Instagram post. “I have loved you beyond words or description from the moment I felt you in my tummy. You have been the joy of my heart and everything that was pure and true in my life. I wish I could be with you right now. I wish I was with you. I don’t know how to live without you, but I will try to move on and spread The love and light you gave me to be your mother.”

She continued, “You were so loved and so appreciated and I hope only love will save you. I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry [Carlos Mare]. Rest in peace and eternal paradise my dear boy.”

“Dear Drina, I send my deepest condolences to you and your family,” singer Lenny Kravitz wrote in response to the post. “It’s all beyond words right now. I love you.”

As supermodel Naomi Campbell wrote, “Drina is so heartbroken for you, such a couple, I can’t imagine how it must feel, for the Lord to cover you and hold you in His arms, at this very sad time and loss. I love you, always here for you.”

Leandro’s grandfather, Robert De Niro, also released a statement addressing the news.

“I am deeply saddened by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo,” says the actor. “We greatly appreciate everyone’s condolences. We ask that you please grant us privacy to grieve our loss of Leo.”

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Leandro De Niro Rodriguez may have pursued a career in acting

With all of his life ahead of him, it’s impossible to know what Rodriguez would have continued to do in the years to come, even though he dabbled in acting. As a young kid, he appeared in the 2005 movie the group With his mother, Drina. In the 2018 hit movie A star is bornHe played Leo Stone, the son of George “Noodles” Stone (Dave Chappelle), the best friend of Bradley Cooper’s character. He also had another small role in 2018 Maxim Cabarethe is credited with playing “The Kid”.

Leandro’s mother, Drina, was adopted by Robert De Niro in 1976 after marrying Diana Abbott. Leandro’s father was artist Carlos Rodriguez. Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez.


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