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    Laura Gomez-Lacueva, best known for the series The Caballero Brothers, said goodbye to us at the age of 48 on Thursday, March 30, in Zaragoza, her hometown, a victim of cancer. The creators of “La que se avecina” and “El pueblo” were among the first to offer their condolences on the networks: “He was devastated by the death of our beloved Laura Gomez Lacueva. Rarely have we met someone who conflated talent with human quality in such quantities. Life is sometimes so unfair. Kiss, honey. We will always remember you,” Alberto Caballero wrote. I believe it, my dear Laura, I cannot tell you anything I have not told you… 21 years with you has been little. Thank you, partner.”

    In the school curricula that I began to write at the beginning of this century, this Aragonese actress ‘Las niñas’, the film that took four of the nine Goyas nominated in the 2021 editionincluding Best New Film and Director for Pilar Palomero, who speaks about an actress like this: “I was devastated by her death. He was a beautiful person in every way. He had extraordinary joy and strength.”. In my early days I called her in a hurry to get a role in the short film “Niño balcón” and she immediately signed up and supported the project. She was a huge actress.” There are also films such as “El reino” by Rodrigo Sorogoyen (seven figurines), “La novia” (two), “From your window to my” by Paula Ortiz, and “Unfortunate Stories” by Javier Visser, a black comedy in which he starred and for which he received the Yago Award from the specialized press.

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    ‘Unfortunate Stories’ (Javier Fesser, 2020)

    Laura Gómez-Lacueva entered the Zaragoza Municipal Theater School at the age of 15 and completed her training with studies at the Commedia dell’Arte. Fascinated by the stage, in 1998 she created her own clown company, Muac Teatro. and later, at the 2010 Nueve de Nueve Teatro with Jorge Usón and Carmen Barrantes. “As a child I already played the role of actress with my cousin and my neighbors. I dreamed of acting out theatrical stories that I invented myself,” she stated on some occasions.

    Since 2006, he’s been one of the most popular faces in his home turf thanks to shows like “Three were three”, “What a society!” and Oregon TV., the latest, released by the regional series. Her colleagues from the latest humor show sent this message through social networks: “Oh, we send a hug to her family, friends and thousands of people who like and follow her every Saturday.”

    Death Laura Gomez Lacueva

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    Already ill but with a passion for theatre, she wanted to act “I have turned my blacksmithing into a dance” on stage, written by Eusebio Calonge and directed by Paco de la Zaranda, with whom she founded the company La Zaranda. “She was doing well on TV and in movies, but what I loved above all was getting on stage. And the three of us got along really well. He understood theater as we do: as something spiritual, far from the fashion and hype, the vanity and levity that often drive the profession today.” It was represented by all caps,” Calonge recalls of “El País.” The work is inspired by the poems of María Pesador, a woman who died of cancer at the age of 30 and whose last wish was to attend a performance of the group. It premiered in December 2020 at home. “It was difficult, but also poetic. She said she wanted to give a voice to the people who are suffering from it, to tell them what is happening to them,” Calonge concludes.

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    In 2022, she was honored on her home soil with the Simon Award, as the best Aragonese artist of the year. As one of the protagonists of Jose Pozo’s short film “Plastic Killer”, her name appeared on the list of nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.


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