Prime Video is doing something wickedly original this summer with its cannibal comedy Horror Dolores Roach. Based on the Spotify podcast series of the same name, think of it as a modern-day romance, mood swings, betrayal, cannabis, survival, and yes, cannibalism.

starring Justina Machado (One day at a time, Six Feet Under, Jane the Virgin), Alejandro Hernandez (New Amsterdam), model Keita UpdikeAnd K. Todd Freeman (A series of bad events), the eight-episode horror comedy series hails from Aaron Mark, who took on the premise of his own one-woman play Empanada Luca and expanded it into an internet sensation. In this streaming version, the creator gives audiences a memorable hero in Dolores, who has become a serial killer, but is no sociopath.

Here’s the lowdown: After being released from a 16-year prison sentence, Dolores (Justina Machado) returns to her neighborhood in Washington Heights suddenly and hooks up with her old boyfriend, Luis (Alejandro Hernandez). Distressed by love lost and having nowhere else to go, Luis sets Dolores up in the basement under his empanada shop, where she soon becomes a masseuse for some cash. stability in the end. When her newfound footing is threatened, Dolores’ Magic Hands resorts to extreme trauma to survive. As such, customers of the empanada shop get an updated menu.

The series is inspired by the “legend” of Sweeney Todd, which dates back to the mid-1800’s – so, this isn’t an iconic offspring of the hit musical. Kita Updike and K. Todd Freeman, who play Nellie and Jeremiah, respectively, in the new series, shared more with MovieWeb in exclusive clips featured here and in the interview below. dig in.

Keita Updike on Clever Spin

Prime Video

Horror Dolores Roach It is based on the Aaron Marc-produced Spotify podcast series of the same name. In a statement to the press, Mark notes that Dolores is “an ex-con turned masseuse in the Washington Heights basement, where choked massage clients are cooked into empanadas by the stone chef upstairs.” Do you like salt or pepper though? Also working at the shop is Nellie, a cheerful young woman who is pleasantly surprised by the sudden turn in business. If only I knew what happened downstairs.

Keita Updike said of her character: “I think the audience is going to be surprised at what happens, because they might be familiar with the sources and some of the many iterations of the Sweeney Todd story, but it’s different here.” “It’s not based on any of the plays or movies or anything like that. If they have that idea in mind, that’s a good starting point, but that doesn’t mean that’s what the story is about. As a TV show, we have more time to go.” To new places more than time to see a movie or a play. It’s not limited.”

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She calls Nelly a “genius”, an innocent person who doesn’t necessarily know what’s going on. “Aaron Mark was very welcoming to what we had to say about our characters,” Updike added. And she continued:

If we didn’t feel like something was true, or we didn’t think something was really going to be in that location—I lived in the Heights, three blocks from where it happened—it would really take that into consideration. There is nothing better than playing a character that the creators want to hear from you. This made this experience much easier.

K. Todd Freeman delivers the goods

Prime Video

Like Jeremiah, K. Todd Freeman is the friendly and intelligent delivery guy who seems to have his eye on Dolores and Louis, and the sudden boom in business. Jeremiah is a good guy, someone Dolores can confide in. But can you trust him with the truth: that through a series of twisted accidents, Louis somehow obtained a new batch of fresh meat to include in his snacks? Talk about plot twists.

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Freeman shared:

What was most fun for me about shooting this was that Aaron and the writers really welcomed us and the cast into the writers’ room. We were very able to contribute significantly to our character arc – who we are; of our real personalities. And it felt very collaborative in that regard.

As the episodes roll on, viewers learn more about all of the characters, and it’s fun to see how each of these actors play off each other. Scenes between Machado and Freeman may stand out here as the story develops. Freeman added, “I was just excited to play something that’s so off-kilter, that leftover normal, which I really love to play.” “Unpredictable.”

What can be expected is that anyone adapting this new series is going to have a great time. Horror Dolores Roach It will be offered starting July 7 on Prime Video.


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