South Korean TV and movies have attracted more and more attention internationally, and Korean TV dramas offer a variety of entertainment for anyone looking for something worth binge-watching. The medium has everything from fantasy dramas that contain science fiction and fantasy elements to simple stories that showcase the unique struggles of everyday life.. No matter the setting, erotic romance is usually at anyone’s heart Korean drama.

Update July 6, 2023: If you’re a fan of K-Dramas, this list has been updated with more great shows for your viewing pleasure.

K-dramas are an emotional rollercoaster with the ability to portray human nature at its worst and best in a short time frame. However, even if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted, there’s a K-Drama to suit your mood. Whether you’re an advocate or a skeptic, here are the ratings for Korean dramas.

15 Sky Castle


This drama starts out a bit slow but progresses quickly showing desperation and high tension among the college applicants. Sky Castle It follows the story of different families as their children try to get into the most prestigious schools in the country (or Sky Schools). Some may not relate to the fierce competitiveness of these college applications, but they will enjoy watching the crafty drama on this show.

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14 Rio Scarlet Heart

Moon Lovers: Crimson Heart Rio
Seoul Broadcasting System, Youku and LeTV

When a modern-day woman accidentally travels back in time, she finds herself at the center of political tension between the royal family. K-Drama is one of the best shows that deftly weaves a love triangle with political battles. It gives the beautiful colors and costumes of the Joseon Dynasty Rio Scarlet Heart Some great and amazing visuals on TV. K-Pop fans will be excited to see IU (아이유) star in one of her first dramas, too.

13 while you were sleeping

Nam Hong Jo and Jung Jae Chan
SBS Television

while you were sleeping is a classic Christmas romantic comedy that many people recognize, but the K-drama of the same title couldn’t be different. The girl grew up with strange dreams that can predict the future when others are in danger. When you meet a prosecutor and a police officer who are equally powerful, they work together to overcome many dangerous situations. The superpower element brings a fun and creative plot without distracting from the suspenseful legal drama. The gentle heart of the main characters and their onscreen chemistry will warm the hearts of its viewers.

12 What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

What's wrong with Secretary Kim?

This K-drama highlights the important but usually underappreciated role of a secretary. Secretary Kim is relentlessly dedicated to her work. When she realizes that she has achieved success in her job at the expense of her social life, she quits her profession. However, the man she works for has other intentions for her future. What’s wrong with Secretary Kim Beloved for its standout dialogue and hilarious situational comedy. Gaining insight into the common but overlooked figure of the female secretary, especially in this cultural context, is also rewarding.

11 Young people over the age of flowers

A group of four women in tuxedos standing around the girl.


when he returns Young people over the age of flowers It was still common for TV shows not to be pre-produced in Korea. Meaning, the show will begin airing after only two episodes have been filmed. This led to a lot of difficulties writing quickly, getting enough shots, and even editing them all together. There are even some stories about work on episodes ending while the first half is just beginning to air.

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Subsequently, Young people over the age of flowers It could feel a little repetitive and sluggish in parts, but we still loved it for its heart-wrenching romance and commentary on social classes. Geum Jan-di’s family is poor, but when her sudden act of heroism earns her a scholarship, she begins attending school with the richest people in Seoul. Jan Di faces prejudice over her social status but also forms lifelong friends.

10 crash landing on you

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri and Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyeok

crash landing on you It is a rare series that gives viewers a peek inside North Korea, while most Korean dramas take place in South Korea. A famous businesswoman’s paragliding flight takes a turn for the worse, and she lands in North Korea. A handsome captain agrees to help her hide so she can escape the country. we love crash landing on you For the romance of her star-crossed lovers and the insight she brings into North and South Korean culture.

9 descendants of the sun

The best Korean movies and dramas on Hulu

This series has become particularly popular in Korea for a closer look at the country’s military. Almost every young man has to serve in the South Korean military for a while, yet no TV show really captured what special forces life was like. descendants of the sun It follows a Special Forces captain and surgeon assigned to the same base. As they both face dangers and disasters in their new environment, they form a deep bond like no other. descendants of the sun Loved because of the war-torn background and great chemistry between the two main stars.

8 Pachinko

The man puts his hand over the girl's face as she cries;  They cuddle up in pachinko
+ Apple TV

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel, Pachinko It tells the story of American immigrants over four generations. The story focuses on ancestral bonds and family history, with beautiful cinematography and animated performances. Pachinko Beloved for its historical accuracy and tangible personal significance. The New York Times called this new drama “traditional, emotional, and inspiring” for its meaningful history and stunning visuals.

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7 Squid game

The contestants line up in the Squid Game

Squid game It captured the streaming world in 2021 due to its dark story and suspense. The show revolves around a group of individuals who compete in various challenges to win a large cash prize. This may sound familiar, but getting rid of these challenges leads not only to being out of the running for the prize but also to dying. The dark attitude of competition shows how far desperate people can go to achieve their goals. It leaves viewers questioning their own nature and character and was often considered the best TV show of 2021.

6 Imp: The only great god

Two men sitting with a woman
Hua and Dam Pictures

demon (Subtitled also as “Guardian”) shows the creativity that Korean television has to offer. The story revolves around a goblin, who in Korean mythology watches over and protects humans using magical powers. Goblin will be essentially immortal until he meets his human bride. After centuries of roaming the land, the imp is more than willing to die, but meeting the love of his life might change his mind.

At first, some viewers might struggle to buy into the complex Alien mythology demon offers, but by the end of the show, the complex plot and soul-searching characters will have everyone rooting for a happy ending. We love this show not only for its creativity but also for its detail-oriented dialogue and suspense plot. The story is full of so many twists and turns, that hardly anyone sees the end coming.

5 Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine

The production company spared no expense on the lavish and stunning work Mr. Sunshine. Despite its cheerful title, Mr. Sunshine It’s a rollercoaster of feelings. The story is set in the early 20th century, and focuses on the political battle for Korea’s independence. The series is complete with political intrigue, fast-paced action sequences, love triangles, and beautiful production design. Some of the history references can be difficult for audiences in the West, but fortunately a quick Google search should keep up with everyone. The thorough attention to detail in every aspect of this series is some of the best K-dramas have to offer, though a serious look at Korea’s history is not a trip for the faint of heart.

4 Del Luna Hotel

Del Luna Hotel

Del Luna Hotel It offers the perfect blend of bittersweet romance and supernatural elements, all while at the stunning Jang Man-wol Hotel. For over 1,000 years, Man-wol, portrayed by popular Korean singer IU, has been walking the corridors of her very own prison, doomed to spend every second with host spirits before watching them find their peace in the afterlife. Just when a human apprentice, Koo Chan-sung, is forced to take over as hotel manager, both Chan-sung and Man-wol’s lives are turned upside down.

Deep-seated feelings and frightening secrets are stirred up as the hotelier, and the manager try to navigate through their chaotic coexistence as well as their growing feelings for each other. Heartache, enthusiasm, suspense and, needless to say, a great wardrobe. When writing this masterpiece, sisters Hong, Jeong-eun, and Mi-ran made sure that tears would be shed, pulses to the ceiling, and feelings would rise to the heavens.

3 Police dogs

Police dogs

Five seconds is enough to confirm that the recently released korean drama Police dogs Full of the kind of action that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in excitement. The classic contrast between the rich and the poor, all kept basically wound, dark and sweaty. Focusing on the quest to protect the innocent, boyfriends and boxers Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-jin take on the corrupt, wealthy.

While they do what they do best, which is to throw fists with perfect precision, they are willing to face the ugly side of greedy humans. Overflowing with action, this K-drama makes the viewer want to jump off the comfy sofa and cheer for the two loyal fans.

2 It’s okay not to be okay

It's okay not to be okay

Creator of the widely acclaimed drama It’s okay not to be okayGu Young, undoubtedly, had a clear intention in his mind. The writer created a space for those who often feel like there is no place for them. Focusing on the hardships of two brothers and providing insight into mental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorder, this K-drama sheds light on those feelings that are usually hidden behind shadows.

There is neither too much nor too little, in which any feeling is shared and seen It’s okay not to be okay. From the love and misunderstandings between brothers Jang Tae and Sang Tae to the passionate and difficult conversations between Jang Tae and his love interest Ko Moon Young. It’s a beautiful rollercoaster of the sometimes arduous path to vulnerability, with secrets revealed around every turn. This series will make you walk down the same path and address whatever is still stuck in your heart.

1 Twentieth century girl

Twentieth century girl

What was supposed to be an investigation into Baek Hyun-jin’s life, crush on her best friend turns into an unexpected stumble in Na Bo-ra’s love life. Mixed name tags and misunderstood feelings create some drama between the four teens Twentieth century girl. Set in the year 1999, the story takes many viewers back to their school lives, and the lights and colors create an appropriate, dreamlike atmosphere. Successful actress Kim Yoo-jung carries the story with ease while allowing different emotions, be it joy or despair, to surface. Twentieth century girl It will keep you up at night, fall in love with the characters, and root for your favorite couple.


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