Justina Machado Hold nothing back when asked about this twisted new horror comedy Dolores’ horror cockroach. “I really wanted to be a part of it,” he broadcasts Jane the Virgin And one day at a time a star. In fact, I listened to creator Aaron Mark’s hit podcast of the same name about an ex-con-turned-massage therapist whose “magic hand” suddenly becomes a deadly weapon.

This would be the show’s titular character, Dolores, who is pursuing a 16-year prison sentence by doing massages in the basement of her boyfriend, Louis (Alejandro Hernandez From the medical drama New Amsterdam) Struggling empanada shop. Through a series of truly horrific slip-ups, Delores racks up a body count. And Louis finds a new filling for his empanadas…

Dark, twisted, and fun, this offbeat comedy should turn heads when it hits Prime Video on July 7. It’s been a 10-year journey for creator Aaron Mark since he launched this innovative premise – revolving around the legend of Sweeney Todd. – in a one-woman play called Empanada Luca. The broadcast version expands his Dolores universe, showcasing some of the best work we’ve seen from Machado and Hernandez. The actors shared more about their new series with MovieWeb, and you can watch their interview and read about it below.

It’s never boring with Blumhouse on board

For Machado, part of the attraction to star in the series had to do with Blumhouse Productions. The successful production company was launched by Jason Blum over 20 years ago and has spawned hot movie properties like Paranormal activity, insidious, cleansingAnd Get outAnd black phone And M3GAN. Suspense and TV outings also from The thing about Pam to invisible.

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“I listened to [Aaron Mark’s] podcast before I got the script, because a friend of mine said, “You should really listen to this… Blumhouse has acquired the rights. It’s great. It’s going to be a TV show,” Justina Machado said in the MovieWeb interview above. “I probably listened to the first two episodes And I was like, ‘Wow, what an incredible part. This is so great.’ I had a deal done elsewhere, so I wasn’t really looking into anything, but then my boss said, “You really should look at this,” and when I read the script, I started slurring the words. And that’s how I knew. I was like , “Oh my God, I love this part.”

I’ve already started reading it out loud and acting it out. I just fell in love with the material – how unexpected it is, and how different it is with the two genres together. I thought it was so funny, really different, and liberating. And I decided I wanted to be a part of it.

She also noted that she hopes viewers will see something in the series that they haven’t seen before. Deep down, viewers will undoubtedly care about Dolores. The character is in a big transition, and can’t seem to find a break. It’s a far cry from her Penelope Alvarez character one day at a time, but there is something about Dolores that most people can identify with. Far from it, of course, she suddenly finds herself in an absurd story of survival from cannibalism.

Alejandro Hernandez on finding depth

Prime Video

in dolores roach horror, Alejandro Hernandez’s Luis had a thing for Dolores before she randomly ended up in jail. Upon her return, he really wants to help her. Hernandez explained, “Luis is a complex guy with a lot of layers.” “He’s such a gift to the world, and he’s funny and friendly and engaging. But underneath that, you know, he’s got a lot of darkness in there. A lot of pain. There’s a lot of trauma. He has a huge sense of inferiority, a huge insecurity, and that drives him in a lot of ways to be on What it is. I wanted to be able to play with those layers. When I first read it, I was like, ‘Man, this is going to be so cool.'”

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It’s interesting to see how creator Aaron Mark Lewis spins here. And a whole new outing for that matter. In 2013, Mark was living in Washington Heights, “watching a grueling sweeping renovation, the sense that the neighborhood is feeding on itself.” This led him to one of the greatest cannibal tales of all time, Sweeney Todd. He returns to the original Victorian 1850’s and through several of Sweeney’s novels, most of which find the character depicted as a bloodthirsty white man. What if Dolores is a woman driven to ridiculous actions by the vicissitudes of fate and untapped feelings? What if, instead of a barber, the character was a massage therapist?

That’s one of the other things that drew the cast to the project, and Hernandez said viewers would be surprised at how the first season ended “in quite a wild way… I don’t think most people will see that coming. People who might have been fans of the podcast, they’ll be interested in the surprises, too.”

Horror Dolores Roach Prime Video heats up July 7.


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