Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle a star John Cho He announced that he would like to return for a fourth outing in the Stoner Buddy comic franchise, and thought the titular duo’s return “would be fun”. Speaking with Comicbook.com, Chu, like Harold and Kumar themselves, admits they struggle with getting their act together. But he is keen to see Harold and Kumar The return of the saga.

“As far as I know we didn’t really put our work together to make Harold & Kumar 4. But yeah, that would be fun.”

Harold’s Harold and Kal Penn’s Kumar were first introduced in 2004 Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle, which follows nerdy accountant Harold and his irrepressible friend Kumar as they get stoned and find themselves completely enchanted by a White Castle commercial. Convinced there must be one nearby, the two set out for a late-night road trip, with their instead simple mission finding them encountering rednecks, cops, and even car-stealing Neil Patrick Harris.

Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle It was met with positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike, leading to a much more ridiculous sequel, Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bayin 2008. It was last seen by the public in 2011 Harold and Kumar’s birthday too, which picks up several years after their time at Guantanamo Bay. Separated, and now with their children, Harold and Kumar must reunite after inadvertently burning down the Christmas tree won by her father-in-law.

Although considered an improvement over its predecessor, none of the sequels have been able to capture the same charm as that first adventure. Perhaps the fourth time will be a charm …

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Kal Penn wants Harold and Kumar to go higher than ever for a fourth outing

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John Cho isn’t the only one who wants Harold and Kumar back, as teammate Kal Penn has revealed that he does Harold and Kumar 4 To take the duo ever higher. And in outer space. The actor said back in 2020 about his hopes for a sequel: “Hellllll yeah!

Not only will Ben love to see Harold and Kumar explore the universe (most likely with Neil Patrick Harris), he also feels like Harold and Kumar 4 is one of the rare occasions when a live broadcast version would be appropriate. “I feel like I have to be a streamer because people just love to watch [these movies] in the comfort of their home on a Friday night at 2 a.m., which is more of a ‘quick-indulging’ flow than going to the theatre.”

While we await the long-awaited return of Harold and Kumar, John Cho can next be seen in the Apple TV+ series, the other partywhich centers around a high school reunion that ends in death, making everyone a suspect.

the other party The second season is scheduled to premiere on July 12, 2023.


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