Another classic from the late 80’s is ready to return to the screen. the honey i shrunk kids The franchise is getting a new movie, though it may take a little longer than expected to materialize.

The first film of the hit series was released in 1989, and is the directorial debut of Joe Johnston, who would later helm some other popular titles such as RocketeerAnd JumanjiAnd Jurassic Park III And Captain America: The First Avenger. The film was a huge success, so Disney and Buena Vista did not hesitate to give the go-ahead for a sequel.

The second part came out in 1992 with titles Honey, you blew the baby. Follow him Honey, we shrunk ourselves in 1997 and a TV series with a different cast that premiered in 1997 as well. It ran for three seasons with a total of 66 episodes.

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Back in 2018, as part of a long list of projects being developed for Disney+, a new movie set in the same universe from the previous one was announced and with original star Rick Moranis returning, with Josh Gad also on board for the project.

But, as with the live-action series of beauty and the beastalso starring Gad, may be on pause for an indefinite period.

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What happens to honey, you cut back on rebooting the kids?

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on his Twitter accountJosh Gad broke his silence about the current status of the project after many fans asked him about it:

“A lot of you ask me what’s going on with this movie. The truth is, we were inches from starting again, then COVID hit, inches from starting again, then my schedule exploded with struggles, inches from starting again, and the budget got the better of us. If If you want it, tell your local Disney company.”

Disney, like many other studios and streaming platforms, is going through a major crisis, trying to save money and slash the budget on everything they can, with shows and movies being canceled or even deleted from their catalog. So the fate honey i shrunk kids The reboot may not come as a surprise to the fans, or even the team behind it.

The original film followed the story of Wayne Salisinki, a clumsy scientist who accidentally shrinks not only his children but his neighbors, with one of his inventions. Not knowing what he did, he throws the machine away which means he throws the kids too. Once out of the house, the kids will have to venture into the yard, which looks like a jungle to them, in an effort to get home. Meanwhile, once he realizes what he has done, Wayne does everything he can to find and save the children.

In the second film, Wayne again accidentally uses one of his inventions on his own child, but this time he doesn’t shrink in size, and ends up increasing in size until he looks like a giant. In the third film, Wayne ends up being his victim and he, his brother, and their wife shrink.


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