Lionsgate has released the official trailer for corner officea workplace comedy starring Jon Hamm (mad menAnd Top Gun: Maverick). It is described as a reminiscent comedy office space And to cutThe film follows Hamm as a workplace misfit who struggles to find his place in a corporate world in which he does not feel he belongs. The film will be released in cinemas, on demand, and digital on August 4, and you can watch the new trailer below.

In the film, in the synopsis, “misfit Orson Welles (Ham) finds himself caught up in the absurdities of corporate life. As the Authority’s newest employee, Orson Welles finds it difficult to connect with his enigmatic office colleague, Rakesh (Danny Pudi, Community) as well as with the rest of his colleagues. His distaste deepens when he discovers that a room he told doesn’t exist – a place that unleashes his true potential, leading him up the corporate ladder. Buoyed by his new-found confidence, Orson calls a receptionist (Sarah Gadon, Ferrari) in his sanctuary, provoking an atomic clash between the harsh realities of the corporate world and its wild fantasies.”

Along with the aforementioned cast members, corner office Also stars Christopher Heyerdahl (Twilight saga). The film was written by Joachim Back and written by Ted Cooper.

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Jon Hamm returns to the booth in the corner office


corner office Brings mad men Star Jon Hamm is back in the booth, but this time, the actor is playing an entirely different character. Hamm hardly resembles himself with his role in it corner officeIt was a role he embraced, which impressed filmmakers who were thrilled to cast him.

Everyone knows Don Draper. mad men Is this show iconic, and was, in a way, the perfect storm for us to get someone of his caliber on board? I’ll let you in on a little secret: This is a real mustache,” producer Oliver Ridge said of Ham’s casting, per AwardsDaily. I came, so when I read the script, I imagined him in the role. I was surprised at his funnyness, because we are used to seeing him in something like a bank robber child driver or conditional in City. I’ve never seen him in anything like this. We were very keen to work with him in this role.”

Ridge added, “He’s an Adonis man, so his haircut with that mustache was cool and fun.”

Hamm has also recently appeared in the black comedy Maggie Moore (s). The actor is also attached to the upcoming musical composition for the film mean girls And voices have a role in the animation transformers The movie is coming to theaters in 2024. Hamm will also appear in the upcoming third season of morning show on Apple TV+.

corner office It will be released in cinemas, on demand, and digital on August 4, 2023, courtesy of Lionsgate. You can see the background art for the movie, which is rated PG-13, below.

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