Johnny Knoxville She recently participated in an interview with Vanity Fair. Knoxville is the bold mastermind behind donkey privilege, known for its almost surreal tolerance for pain.

In the interview, conducted using a polygraph for added gravitas, Knoxville delves into his massive archive of physical mishaps to announce the most traumatic one of his career. Surprisingly, this nickname was not among the countless concussions or broken bones. Instead, it was an incident involving pepper spray that Knoxville considers his worst ordeal.

Knoxville’s encounters with danger were nothing short of nail-biting. The actor is often in the forefront donkey A relentless barrage of casualties for the crew. Over the past two decades, his body has been subjected to countless stunts, many of which have sent him straight to the hospital.

While Knoxville’s injuries become a somewhat amusing side note to his body of work, they are often far from trivial. the donkey The star revealed that doctors had urged him to stop enduring blows to the head, which indicates that the toll he has taken is too great.

However, it was not a head injury, nor a fall or fracture that Knoxville considered his most distressing experience. Recalling his years of high-risk antics, Knoxville recalls the feeling of being pepper-sprayed:

“You know, like bad concussions and breaks are, you know, not very fun. But the worst I’ve ever felt, I think, doesn’t seem like it’s going to be, but pepper spray. I hated it. It’s like someone started a fire.” in your eyes and put them out with kerosene for 20 or 30 minutes. I didn’t like that. But I’m sure there are more painful things, but this one is right there.”

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Will Knoxville’s stamina lead to a new donkey chapter?

Although this may not sound like the most brutal incident of his group, it was the worst for Knoxville. Interestingly, this incident was not part of a donkey production, but it happened during filming Big brother video, Number two.

Despite suffering pepper spray, Knoxville also highlighted some other more financially stressful injuries, including a few brushes with a bull that resulted in an extravagant hospital stay. He also told a horrific story about a blast fracture to his left eye.

The injury was so severe that the eye popped out and had to be reinserted twice—a vivid image, which Knoxville told so casually, that it manages to inject some humor into the narrative.

As fans digest the details of Knoxville’s most excruciating ordeal, speculation about the future of the Jackass franchise continues to brew. after release ass foreverRumors have swirled of a new TV series planned at Paramount+, but concrete details are still elusive.

It’s yet to be determined if Knoxville and his crew will return to entertain (and scare) us with more heart-wrenching stunts. However, his willingness to relive his most traumatic experiences for audiences underscores his undying dedication to donkey brand, making the possibility of a new chapter in the franchise seem more plausible.


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