continental The spotlight will be on the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2023. Lionsgate’s decision to embrace the agreement with continental Heralds a breath of fresh air. Many major studios such as Marvel, Universal Pictures, HBO, Netflix and Sony Pictures chose to miss SDCC due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.

The gritty mini-series takes the audience on a retrospective trip to 1970s New York. It delves into the origins of the famous Continental Hotel, which served as a haven for the murderers of the John Wick films. The series aims to keep the adrenaline pumping, expanding on the dark and mysterious world that has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

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Lionsgate is set to host three episodes of its television series at SDCC, with continental Being the star of the show on Friday, July 21, the other two commissions will focus on CBS ghosts and Starz’s heelsscheduled for July 20 and July 22, respectively, as reported by The Wrap.

This approach by Lionsgate stands in stark contrast to the film department, which will be notably absent at SDCC. Noteworthy projects such as ballet dancerAnd spend 4 billionAnd The Hunger Games: The Song of Songbirds and Snakes Among the notable absentees.

continental has already sparked intrigue with the release of poster art and official trailer. The latter provides a captivating glimpse into the series. The film features an ensemble cast led by Colin Woodell.

Woodell will take on the role of young Winston Scott, the esteemed manager of the Continental Hotel. The role was portrayed with gravitas by Ian McShane in previous films. The cast also includes Ayomed Adigun as Sharon, and Katie McGrath as a high table judge.

A somewhat controversial casting choice is the casting of Mel Gibson as Cormac. Series executive producer Allen Hughes is defending Gibson, whose past has been marred by controversy due to racist and anti-Semitic comments. Hughes praised Gibson’s acting prowess. He acknowledges the depth and experience he brings to the role that he believes is unparalleled.

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A bold leap forward in expanding the John Wick universe

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while continental Set to make waves, it’s just one cog in John Wick The universe that continues to expand. Outside of the world of this series, the silver screen would see an addition ballet dancerwith Ana de Armas taking the lead, is set for release in 2024. Lionsgate also recently confirmed that the fifth John Wick The movie is in the making.

continental Adds a new chapter to John Wick long story. It promises to be an exciting ride for old and new fans alike. Lionsgate has made a bold move to present the series at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

However, this move may be just what the entertainment industry needs. It’s not just a chain. It’s a statement that the show must go on.


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