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project JJ Abrams He inhales gases hot wheels A movie with some new hype, and an exciting approach to take on the upcoming movie. For years, there have been plans to develop a hot wheels movie, and the project was finally put to work by Mattel earlier this year. It was reported that the gaming company was in partnership with Warner Bros. and Abrams’ Bad Robot for live-action development hot wheels film. Although there have been video games and animation projects in the franchise, this will be the first direct adaptation of the popular line of toy cars.

A new report from The New Yorker looks at several pregnancy film projects being developed based on Mattel products. Including a new update on hot wheels, with Abrams first referencing the years-long process of getting to where he finally came up with the right approach to take with the film. The producer says the filmmakers have finally cracked that code, and come up with a story that will be “worthy” hot wheels Brand.

As Abrams explains:

“For a long time, we and Mattel had been talking about Hot Wheels, and we couldn’t find the thing that clicked, that made it what Hot Wheels deserved—that title—. Then we came up with something… emotional, grounded, and bold.”

Back in 2017, it was reported that Jeremy Renner would be starring in hot wheels movie, but it doesn’t seem like he’s still attached to the project. What is known is that the script comes from Dalton Lieb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson, the team behind the script for 2017’s The Blacklist. A strong man. They also sold a sci-fi spec script to Netflix about a group of AI robots stranded on Mars who turn on each other while establishing a colony of humans.

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Many of Mattel’s projects are getting movies

Warner Bros.

The Mattel movie craze will begin with the release of BarbieIt will hit theaters on July 21. If it does as expected, the movie will be a huge hit, which just means other planned movies based on Mattel products and brands will follow soon enough. next to hot wheels And BarbieOther Mattel brands soon to get the big screen treatment include Barney, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Magic 8 Ball, Barney, Uno, View-Master, Polly Pocket, Matchbox, American Girl, Major Matt Mason, and more.

While some of these films will be imagined as more “mature” for adult viewers, we shouldn’t expect them to be. Mattel Films’ Kevin McCune stressed that the most important thing is just to make a good movie, and that will sometimes lead to a movie geared more towards an adult audience.

“Thomas the Tank Engine doesn’t take his friends seriously,” McCune explained. “Our top priority is to make really good movies — movies that matter, that leave a cultural mark. Our second priority is to make sure we don’t damage the brands.”

the hot wheels There is no release date for the movie at this time.


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